Vertu CEO Perry Oosting talks about specs, TKTK

“Hi, I’m Richard Lai from Engadget. You guys probably hate us but…”

“No no, I don’t hate you,” Vertu’s 52-year-old President and CEO interjected with a charming smile. He then laid a hand on my shoulder and explained our in-joke to the other chuckling diners, “These guys, they read the specs and they only judge by the specs.”

Of course, it was just a light-hearted banter the night before our interview, but having been with the luxury phone maker since June 2009 as President, Perry Oosting obviously knew of everyone’s ongoing jokes about the rationale of his super expensive phones. Even before Vertu, the Dutchman would’ve faced a similar problem when he held senior positions at the likes of Bulgari, Prada, Gucci and Escada, except these brands have been around for a lot longer; and for us mere mortals, their existence is already widely accepted. Not so much for the luxury gadgets, though.

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