Promise ZERO NS2600We’ve written about the upcoming ZERO before so it’s not exactly a state secret anymore… But there have been some further developments…

What’s it all about? Promise Technology, purveyors of all good things pertaining to NAS and storage solutions, recognized that some people (most people??) just don’t get this whole configuration business when it comes to setting up RAID or NAS systems. And if they do, most would really appreciate an even simpler solution.

So how about "Zero Configuration, Zero Frustration and Zero Hassles"?

That’s the promise of the ZERO indeed.

Personally, not that I’m sceptical about the aim of realizing that, but can Promise really pull this off?

I know how hard that is but if they can they’ll break open a whole new market for these boxes.

Talking of which: the ZERO was going to be based on the reliable 2 bay workhorse, the NS2300 but has now been upgraded to the NS2600. Bigger numbers are always better, right? Well, we’ll see if that’s the case when they send the demo model used at CES straight to us after the Show.

Anyhow: the picture on the left is the new unit. And a nice looking one at that. Will be relegated to the top of my desk rather than below deck…

And here’s some more details on he ZERO:


With the new SmartStor ZERO, you can revolutionize the way you find, send, store, get play and print digital content.


For example:
•    Upload Digital Content from Mobile Device to SmartStor ZERO;
•    Download Digital Content from SmartStor ZERO to Mobile Device;
•    Display Music Album Art in content lists using Windows 7 operating system;
•    Display Thumbnails for Images and Video using DLNA 1.5 Digital Media Players and Windows 7 PCs;
•    Utilize playlists and create DLNA playlists via NS4600 Media Center interface;
•    Create Playlists for playback in iTunes;
•    View video streaming including protected content purchased from iTunes Store (Movies, TV Shows and Digital Copies included with DVD & Blu-Ray) on Mac OS X

With up to 4TB of storage, the SmartStor ZERO delivers an easy to use zero configuration, instantly accessible network attached storage and digital media server for data backup and media sharing in the digital home. Complimented by DLNA UPLOAD via Promise’s upcoming Digital Media Controller software for mobile devices consumers can easily transfer user generated content directly to the SmartStor ZERO in a matter of seconds for instant viewing using DLNA TVs, PS3, XBOX 360 and Windows 7 PCs. 

Pricing and Availability
Prices for the SmartStor ZERO NS2600 start at US$279.00. Units will be available at major retail outlets in Q1, 2010.

To sum it up in the words of Billy Harrison, product manager, CE products for NAS and DAS, PROMISE Technology. “Today’s consumers are put off by the configuration and management of traditional NAS devices. Consumers want plug and store instant access. The process of creating users, managing permissions, managing shares and enabling/disabling services is a thing of the past. With SmartStor ZERO, we’re solving the consumer’s most basic problem by delivering to market a DLNA NAS-simple device anyone can use.”