Toshiba bakes TransferJet file transfer and wireless charging into touchscreen kiosk, charges phones and credit cards

In an effort to make Toshiba’s TransferJet more… business, the company revealed a touchscreen kiosk that allows you to buy (and immediately download) music, videos and more. Just in case that alone wasn’t enough, the kiosk, which is adorably petite, also uses NFC to pair the device and (if you have the appropriate account or software) pay for downloadable content. The kiosk even throws in Qi wireless charging for your handset as you select, buy and download that new anime episode. Of course, if you don’t have wireless charging (or TransferJet to grab the downloads in the first place), you might not get the most out of what Toshiba’s offering here, but the idea is to place the device in places like airports and convenience stores, where people are likely to have time to kill and want something to watch or listen to right away.

Darren Murph contributed to this report.%Gallery-slideshow99600%

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