Updated Android-based I'm Watch, new I'm Here GPS tracker make their debut

We got a look at the first version of the Android-based I’m Watch at CES last year, and the Italy-based company is back again this year with an updated version and another new accessory. As you can see, the I’m Watch appears to be largely unchanged on the outside, but it promises a number of others improvements courtesy of the new I’m Droid 2 operating system (no word on the Android version it’s based on just yet), including a “smart tethering” feature designed to minimize battery use, new “i’music” and “i’mages” apps, and a new “i’market” app store. Making its debut alongside it is the company’s I’m Here device, a GPS tracker equipped with a SIM card that can be used by adventurers or those simply concerned with safety — it’ll also let you make an emergency call at the push of a button. Look for it to be available sometime in May for $169. We’re hoping to get our hands on both of them shortly, but you can find some additional details in the press release after the break and at the source link below in the meantime.

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