VL Destino is a 639hp, supercharged, V8powered Fisker Karma

People have gushed about the handling of the Fisker Karma, it’s low, long and wide chassis said to provide amazing handling. But, the powertrain has certainly caused some… problems. So, VL Automotive (a small auto manufacturer backed by Bob Lutz, among others) did what felt right: kept that luscious body and chassis and ripped out the guts. In exchange for the series hybrid get-up that drives the Karma, the Destino received a supercharged V8 — more specifically, the LS9 that powers the Corvette ZR1. Under the see-through hood of the ‘Vette that motor puts down 639hp, a figure that’s said to be maintained here, but with the four-door practicality the Chevrolet lacks. Pricing is said to be around $180,000 for the bespoke four-door supercar (a huge premium over the $102,000 Karma), but its designers hope that this could be the fastest four-door sedan on the planet when it goes on sale later this year. Just don’t expect to set any records on the fuel efficiency scoreboard.

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