WD SmartWare Pro automates backups to both Dropbox and external drives

We’re used to external hard drive makers offering some kind of backup software to add value, although it’s usually forgettable for the experienced users among us — what we erase while we’re busy setting up Windows 8 File History, Time Machine or a cloud service. Western Digital thinks some cloud integration of its own will get us looking at its new, standalone WD SmartWare Pro app. While the client can automatically back up file changes to a local drive as they happen, it can also schedule backups to both the drive and a Dropbox account. The extra-cautious can backup that Dropbox account to the external disk, and the whole affair isn’t limited to the company’s MyBook drives, either; just about any old USB storage will do. It will cost a minimum of $30 ($20 on sale) for a three-computer SmartWare Pro license, but those who want both physical and cloud-based safety nets might consider the money well-spent.

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Source:Western Digital

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