Do you ever worry about your own, or your family’s safety? I know I do.

Arlo Safe is an all-new personal safety app featuring one-tap, 24/7 Emergency Response, family safety, automatic crash detection and more. Arlo Safe is a sum of two parts – the app and a physical button.

The Arlo Safe app is free on iOS and Android US app stores, and available right now. It does not require the Arlo Safe Button.

Ideal for everyone from city dwellers walking home at night, to college students out with friends, teenagers walking to/from school, daily commuters, or even elderly family members, Arlo Safe is an all-encompassing 24/7 personal safety solution for ultimate peace of mind while on the go.

With Arlo Safe, we’re leveraging Arlo’s award-winning expertise around smart home security and intuitive, easy-to-use design to deliver the most secure, comprehensive safety app that keeps pace with our modern, busy lives,” said Tim Johnston, SVP of Products at Arlo Technologies, Inc. “Features like 24/7 live agent emergency support, location sharing, family check-ins, and safety alerts provide on-the-go protection to keep you safe in a time of need.

Arlo Safe


Standout features of the all-new Arlo Safe service include

One-Touch Emergency Response

  • Access live safety experts 24/7 to rapidly send fire, police, or medical responders directly to the user’s exact location
  • Live agents speak directly with users and stay on the line until help arrives.
  • App provides first responders with critical details to help prepare for the emergency situation while they are in transit

Family Safety

  • Never miss a moment with the ability to know where opt-in family members have been, see their current location, or send help directly to them in an emergency situation
  • Send Check-In Requests to a family member or send help directly to them
  • Set up common places such as Home, Office, or School to receive notifications when family members leave or arrive, and get alerted when they travel outside of a designated area
  • Quickly send an SMS/text message to emergency contacts or send emergency services directly to a family member in need


Crash Detection and Response

  • Advanced impact detection expedites emergency response in the event of a vehicle accident by sharing appropriate location and medical information with first responders
  • Enable event audio and video recordings to share critical details with police following an incident
  • Coverage works in any vehicle, including rental cars, or when traveling with friends and family1


Working in tandem with the Arlo Safe app, the Arlo Safe Button can be used to alert safety experts and rapidly send emergency responders to the user’s location anytime, day or night. Small enough to discreetly fit in a hand, pocket, or on a keychain, the device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the Arlo Safe app on the user’s smartphone for quicker, more discreet access without having to reach for the phone.

The Arlo Safe Button is available for US$29.99 MSRP at, or through Best Buy as part of the Safe Family Bundle, which includes two Arlo Safe Buttons and a one year subscription to the Arlo Safe Family plan for US$119.99. The Safe Button will soon be available through additional national retailers.

Arlo Safe subscription plans, which unlock added safety features, are available for purchase on Users can choose from three different monthly subscription plans starting at US$4.99 for individuals, US$9.99 for families, or the all-new Safe and Secure Pro plan, providing the best value for complete security at home and on-the-go for US$19.99.

In addition, for a complete security experience that covers both personal safety and smart home protection, users can take advantage of the new Safe and Secure Pro plan. The subscription combines features of the Arlo Safe plan with those of Arlo Secure Plus, including 24/7 emergency response for direct dispatch of first responders to the camera’s location, smart notifications like package and people detection, and secure cloud recordings for convenient access from anywhere, anytime.