EPOS announces the latest additions to their Meeting Rooms Solutions portfolio, the EXPAND Vision 5 and EXPAND Control. They are designed to facilitate teamwork and seamless collaboration. It is a new vision for the modern meeting room to maximise the collaborative potential of professionals navigating new work setups.

The EPOS Understanding Sound Report, 2020, shows that 95% of modern workers struggle with keeping focus and being efficient in hybrid meetings. That is why EPOS introduces meeting room solutions designed for your brain for optimal performance for both people in the meeting room and people calling in.

The EXPAND Vision 5 is a cutting-edge video bar where powerful speakers, wide-angle 4K camera, noise-cancelling microphones, and compute have been uniquely combined in an all-in-one video conferencing solution for small meeting rooms. Intelligent picture framing powered by EPOS AI™ dynamically adjusts to make sure everyone in the room can be seen clearly on the call, while its beamforming microphone array picks up voices crisply, minimising the interference of poor meeting room acoustics. With flexible mounting options, the device can be installed with minimal effort and subsequently managed and updated remotely using EPOS Manager. Certified for leading UC solutions including Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android™ (with EXPAND Control), RingCentral Rooms™ and Zoom Rooms, its one-touch join function means that you can enjoy stress-free meetings and focus your attention on the things that will drive your business forward.

EXPAND Vision 5 and EXPAND Control

Crystal-Clear Audio

Having to repeat yourself in a meeting can have huge ramifications to the flow of collaboration, amounting to frustration and in some cases lost business. The EXPAND Vision 5’s powerful stereo speakers carry every word clearly, with a beamforming microphone array to pick up voices crisply and cancel out any room reverb.

Intuitive Setup

With multiple devices to connect to, manage and update, it’s no wonder that meetings run over. The EXPAND Vision 5 makes it easy for participants to join meetings with one touch via the remote control, touch screen or EXPAND Control, running a UC provider natively without the need for a computer. Alternatively, the EXPAND Vision 5 can connect via USB to any PC or Mac. Integrated cable management ensures a tidy meeting room setup, while the option to install a Kensington lock provides peace of mind that the video bar will remain in its designated place.

Intelligent Picture Framing

Huddling around a small screen and speaker is a thing of the past. Intelligent picture framing—powered by EPOS AI™ and matched by a wide-angle 4K camera with Sony sensor—automatically adjusts the digital zoom to capture all meeting participants.

Use with EXPAND Control – One Tablet, Two Functions

The EXPAND Vision 5 can be used in combination with the EXPAND Control tablet. Engineered for dual functionality, the tablet can be used as a meeting room controller to join meetings, adjust call settings, or share content, as well as a room scheduling panel, letting you book meeting rooms, check room availability, and view meeting details. Ergonomically designed for simplicity and functionality, the tablet features a large 10.1″ anti-glare screen and an optimal viewing angle to provide the best and most intuitive user experience for everyone, whatever the meeting room size. With hassle-free installation, certification for leading UC solutions, and its ability to pair seamlessly with EPOS EXPAND Vision video conferencing solutions, EPOS provides a one-stop solution to elevate the way you conduct meetings.

We believe workers should be equipped with meeting room solutions that help improve their performance and reduce cognitive overload, especially when spending hours in meetings day-in-day-out. Video conferencing should be a straightforward experience, free from the distractions and inconveniences caused by disjointed tech solutions. With the launch of the EXPAND Vision 5, we’re delivering on that vision, with a product that is designed for your brain while still being easy to use, reliable and built to last,” Theis Mørk, VP Product Management.