The latest Logitech wireless headset certified for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet and priced for mass deployment from Logitech Zone 305.

The headset brings great audio performance and reliable connections for knowledge workers for clear, uninterrupted calls, while giving IT teams an affordable wireless headset option that is certified for business apps and calling platforms.

Professionals in marketing, HR, and sales know that a great headset can make all the difference. With great audio and the freedom to move and stay connected while working or simply listening, Zone 305 works especially well for those who work from home in a noisy environment, or a shared office where distractions are frequent.

Logitech Zone 305

Lightweight comfort

Heavier headsets can cause discomfort and distraction. Zone 305 weighs only 122 grams – around the weight of a chocolate bar and lighter than the average smartphone.

The lighter weight, plus enlarged earpads, make the headset an ideal choice for professionals who need to use it all day. They’re likely to forget they are even wearing it!

All-day wireless freedom

No one wants to be tethered to their desk all day. Zone 305 allows professionals to move freely about their home or office and stay reliably connected with multipoint Bluetooth, even up to 30 metres away. And as they switch between their computer and smartphone, the headset automatically switches with them.

For those who experience long days of work, then still use their headset for downtime, Zone 305 gives up to 20 hours of listening time and 16 hours of talk time on a full charge. And a quick five minutes of charging gives a full hour of talk time.

Certified for business

For extra assurance that the headset works with the cloud platforms people use everyday, Zone 305 is certified for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Google Voice with receiver and is currently undergoing certification for Microsoft Teams over native Bluetooth.

With Logitech Sync, our secure cloud-based management portal, IT managers can monitor the deployment of individual devices, and push firmware updates to keep devices up to date and secure.

Make it personal

Employees can also customise their Zone 305 headset. They can adjust sidetone, mic level, and EQ for their preferred audio experience using the Logi Tune desktop or mobile app.

Logitech Zone 305

Designed for sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability informs our design decisions, from materials and packaging to customer experience. Zone 305 includes a minimum of 55% certified post-consumer recycled plastic 5 to give a second life to end-of-life plastic from old consumer electronics and help reduce our carbon footprint. The paper packaging for Zone 305 comes from FSC™-certified forests and other controlled sources. By choosing this product, you are supporting responsible management of the world’s forests.

The carbon footprint of this product is 10.21 kg CO2e. By carefully selecting components such as the battery and magnets and redesigning the circuit board, we were able to reduce an estimated 1 kg CO2e per product, equivalent to charging a typical smartphone 122 times.


Where to get and how much

Zone 305 will be available here or through authorised distributors. Zone 305 (Teams version, native Bluetooth, without a receiver) is $139.95. Zone 305 (Teams version, with receiver) and Zone 305 (UC version, with receiver) are $169.95.