Western Digital released its latest addition to the WD_BLACK portfolio, the WD_BLACK SN770 NVMe SSD. To help PC gamers play at their best, the new drive fuels gaming PC rigs with faster speeds and longer gameplay, offering up to 40% faster performance and up to 20% more power efficiency at maximum speed over the previous generation.


As game worlds become more immersive and place greater demands on our systems, gamers are looking for ways to optimise their rigs for intensive games and add storage for future updates and downloadable content.

The WD_BLACK SN770 NVMe SSD features a PCIe Gen4 interface2 that delivers ultra-fast read speeds of up to 5,150MB/s (1TB and 2TB models only) to fuel in-game responsiveness, minimise stutter, and provide smooth streaming for a performance boost that gamers can see and feel. The drive is an accessible option for gamers looking to transition to Gen4 while also being backwards compatible for those with Gen3 systems. Purpose-built for PC gaming, it’s an ideal solution for enthusiast PC builders and long-time gamers looking to elevate their gaming experience.

As more gamers look to make the transition to PCIe Gen4 systems, we believe it is important for the PC gaming community to have a variety of reliable, high-performing solutions to level up their gaming rigs,” said Stefan Mandl, vice president of sales at Western Digital. “The new WD_BLACK SN770 NVMe SSD makes Gen4 technology more accessible, helping more gamers get into the game faster and improve their overall gaming experience.

Key features of the new drive include:

  • Blazing fast sequential read speeds up to 5,150 MB/s3 (1TB and 2TB models only) for quick game load times
  • Smooth streaming and minimal in-game stutter thanks to the drive’s PCIe Gen4 compatibility with modern motherboards and laptops2
  • Consistent performance at maximum speed thanks to advanced thermal management and 20% increased power efficiency over previous generation internal NVMe SSDs.

The WD_BLACK SN770 NVMe SSD is now available for purchase from select e-tailers, retailers and resellers including Scorptec from AUD $95. The drive is available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB4 models.