Hotdesking a fraught experience for your staff? Logitech introduces Logi Dock Flex, a fully-featured managed docking station built for shared desks in flexible work environments that delivers a better hotdesking experience for employees and a greater ability to manage shared desks across multiple locations.

The move to a hybrid work model has given companies the opportunity to reassess and optimise their office space. But the hybrid evolution has also introduced the challenges of motivating employees back to the office, and the need for data and insights to understand space configuration and continued investment.

Logi Dock Flex

Businesses know they have to earn the commute to get hybrid work employees into the office. The answer is not to add more foosball tables, but to instead offer a way for employees to plan their in-office days together,” said Scott Wharton, general manager of Logitech B2B. “We took a multidimensional approach to building Logi Dock Flex that not only solves desk booking and management issues, but promotes social collaboration and gives IT and workplace managers data on how the tech and space are being used.

A McKinsey Social Capital survey that employees overall report feeling less connected to people within their company networks. Through Logitech’s desk booking service, employees can plan days in the office with their teams, book a desk through Logi Tune and notify their teammates in-app. Once on-site, they simply plug into Logi Dock Flex with a single USB cable and quickly get to work.

Logi Dock Flex

With an 8-inch display, three USB ports in the front and three more in the back, Logi Dock Flex supports dual display, network connection and up to 100 watts of power, allowing for both secure, standard-issue device connections, as well as for employees to bring their own device. Employees can personalise their workstation with their own background photo and away message, and join meetings with one touch through calendar integrations with the Logi Tune app. And for ad-hoc booking, the interactive panel signals whether the desk is available or not.

IT teams can quickly install and deploy Logi Dock Flex at scale with secure cable management for clutter-free desk areas. Through Logitech Sync, IT can monitor and manage Logi Dock Flex remotely to adjust booking settings, manage equipment, and customise according to the company’s hybrid policies.
Logi Dock Flex’s multiservice capability allows IT teams to choose Microsoft Teams, Zoom Workspace Reservation, or Logitech’s own desk booking service, with an additional choice of booking platforms to come. Logitech desk booking service is managed through Logitech Sync and can be deployed with either Logi Dock Flex or by using QR codes to work stand-alone, not requiring any purchase of Logitech hardware.

For Facilities Managers, real-time insights and analytics on space usage help them understand how flexible office and return-to-office policies are performing. Workplace management data like desk utilisation, peak occupancy rates, and user behaviors take the guesswork out of usage and space planning.

Logi Dock Flex


Approach to Sustainability

Logitech is committed to creating a more equitable and climate positive world by actively working to reduce our carbon impact. That’s why Logi Dock Flex will partially be made using lower impact materials like post-consumer recycled plastics and low-carbon aluminum when possible, and will be shipped in responsibly-sourced packaging.


Pricing and Availability

Logi Dock Flex, offered in off-white, will be available to ANZ in Spring 2023, through authorised sellers and online with a suggested retail price of $1,269,95 AUD and $1,499.95 NZD. Logitech’s desk booking service is available for free and can be requested today through the Sync management portal.