Nanoleaf announces the first ever matter-compatible lighting for a unified smart home experience.

The four new Nanoleaf Matter-compatible smart bulbs and lightstrips in the Essentials line, marks an industry first with its Matter-compatible technology.

This innovative line of smart lighting, including A19, GU10, BR30 Bulbs, and a Lightstrip, illustrating Nanoleaf’s commitment to creating the most seamless experience for its users and leading the way for the future of the smart home.

Nanoleaf + Matter

The new Matter-compatible additions to the Essentials line offer a full suite of lighting products to illuminate your entire home with easy controls and RGBW capabilities.

Offering 16M+ color options as well as ultra-bright tunable whites (with color temperatures ranging from 2700-6500K), the Bulbs and Lightstrip can also play dynamic color-changing lighting Scenes which are fully customisable with the Nanoleaf App.

Control the lights with your preferred app or voice assistant, via Matter’s Multi-Admin capabilities, and set Schedules for automation throughout the day, personalising your lighting needs for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office space, and more.

“We are incredibly proud to be launching our first Matter-ready lighting products,” says Nanoleaf CEO & Co-Founder Gimmy Chu. “For the past two years, our team has been dedicated to bringing these products to life, working very closely within the Connectivity Standards Alliance and Matter Working Group to make this new vision of interoperability and security a reality. We believe that creating a unified experience that allows all devices to work seamlessly together is the stepping stone towards even more intelligence and automation, for a truly smart smart home experience.”

Nanoleaf is also set to unveil a number of new Matter-compatible products at CES 2023 which will help to enable even more seamless lighting automation in the home.



The Matter-compatible Essentials Smart Bulbs and Lightstrips will be available globally in early 2023. Pricing will range from AUD$29.99.