Get fully immersed in your home theatre experience with the new Sony STR-AN1000.

The highly anticipated 7.2ch 8K AV receiver with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping offers new features including 360 Spatial Sound Mapping for an immersive
viewing experience and support for the latest video formats including 8K and 4K120 for a realistic, cinematic experience.

Sony STR-AN1000 Front


An authentic cinematic experience at home

The STR-AN1000 features Sony’s revolutionary 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology to create a truly unique and incredibly immersive cinematic experience. 360 Spatial Sound Mapping can place multiple phantom speakers around the room to create a wider listening space for a more authentic cinematic experience at home.

By utilising the positional information measured by Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto Calibration IX (D.C.A.C. IX), multiple phantom speakers are generated all around you so cinema lovers can experience every breath, step, and word as if you are inside the film. D.C.A.C. IX, the latest auto-calibration technology developed by Sony, can correct the distance, angle, sound pressure and frequency response of each speaker by measuring the speaker placement in 3D using the supplied calibration microphone. This works alongside Auto Phase Matching which aligns the phase of different speakers. This means you can compensate for challenging speaker placement, delay or phase shift and feel fully immersed in a movie.

The STR-AN1000 creates the ideal speaker installation for any home theatre with 360 Spatial Sound Mapping as well as support for the latest audio formats including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

High quality visuals for movies and gaming

Enjoy movies in a new way thanks to the inclusion of HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, newly supported 8K, and IMAX Enhanced. All the original picture quality is preserved when played through the STR-AN1000, so movie watchers will be completely immersed when enjoying films.

Gaming is also much more thrilling and realistic with the STR-AN1000 supporting the latest formats, such as 4K120, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) in HDMI 2.1, for smoother and clearer movement for responsive gameplay.

The STR-AN1000 will also pass-through Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode on compatible BRAVIA TVs for a better gaming experience on the PlayStation 5.

Sony STR-AN1000


Bring music to life

Discover a new way of listening with 360 Reality Audio for a truly immersive live performance or studio session experience. Also, enjoy music the way the artists truly intended with High-Resolution Audio for crystal clear precision. The STR-AN1000 also supports DSD (Direct Stream Digital) native playback, with no conversion involved, so DSD content can be fully enjoyed without losing any of the original quality.

Additionally, the STR-AN1000 offers easy access to music applications. You can easily connect smart devices to the receiver via Bluetooth® as well as services such as Spotify ConnectTM, Chromecast, Apple Airplay 2 and Works with Sonos, making it easier and more convenient than ever for music fans to enjoy their favourite artists.


Perfect with Sony TVs and Speakers

When connected to a BRAVIA XR TV with Acoustic Centre Sync, the STR-AN1000 combines audio from the TV with the audio from the centre speaker to create an incredible sound-from-screen experience. Dialogue will appear to come directly from the characters on the screen creating a much more immersive experience.

The STR-AN1000 also integrates seamlessly with the BRAVIA Quick Settings menu, allowing you to change features such as sound field of the receiver just by using the TV remote. You can also use your TV remote to control the volume of the receiver, ensuring quick and easy control of the product without requiring multiple remotes.

Setting up the STR-AN1000 couldn’t be easier, thanks to the new and intuitive guided setup. From the positioning of the speakers to setting up separate zones across the house, the STR-AN1000 makes it easy to configure a perfect setup.

In addition, the STR-AN1000 can also connect wirelessly to Sony’s optional speakers including the wireless rear speakers SA-RS5 and SA-RS3S, and wireless subwoofers SA-SW5 and SA-SW37. The optional wireless subwoofer (SA-SW5 / SA-SW3) will add punchy bass sound and an optional rear speaker (SA-RS5 / SA-RS3S) offers even more cinematic thrills, including sound directly behind.

Sony STR-AN1000 Back


Sustainability in mind

Sony is committed to using less plastic in its products and packaging. The STR-AN1000 uses specially developed recycled plastic in several parts of the product, to enable superb acoustic performance even as we reduce the environmental impact. Approximately 95% of the packaging is made from recycled paper and paper-based materials to minimise the use of plastic.


Pricing and availability

The STR-AN1000 will be available in Australia from April 2023 with a SRP of AUD $1,699.