Swann launched a new battery-powered, Wi-Fi camera. The all-new Swann CoreCam Pro Spotlight Camera is the latest addition to the CoreCam family, superseding the original CoreCam camera that was launched in October last year.

The CoreCam Pro Spotlight Camera is the next step in our CoreCam range, offering even better features and performance,” said Mike Lucas, CEO of Swann Security. “With the increasing consumer demand for Wi-Fi security solutions, we are proud to be launching the latest version of of the CoreCam to the Australian market.

Swann CoreCam Pro

The CoreCam Pro Spotlight Camera is equipped with a 2K HD Video resolution, providing clear and detailed footage, and a wide-angle lens that captures a larger field of view. The camera also has a powerful spotlight that illuminates the area around the camera at night, making it easier to identify potential intruders. The Wireless Spotlight Security Camera can be used as a standalone product or added with other Swann products for a customised smart home surveillance solution.

In addition to its impressive technical specifications, the CoreCam Pro Spotlight Camera is also easy to install and operate. It can be connected to a mobile device via the Swann Security app, allowing users to view live footage, receive alerts and control the camera remotely.

Swann’s products do not require a subscription. However, for added features and increased storage capacity, a Secure+ Plans are available for purchase as an optional upgrade.

Swann CoreCam Pro

Consumers can find the CoreCamPro Wireless Security Camera exclusively on Swann.com. The retail price for the one camera unit is $229.95 AUD, with packages that have more than one CoreCam Pro Wireless Security Camera also available. This product also works with Swann’s Solar Charging Panel to ensure an even longer battery life. The package with the Solar Charging Panel comes with an outdoor stand to ensure stability regardless of the surface it is on.