We have just kicked of 2022 and already Synology is making waves with the launch of the FlashStation FS2500.

The FlashStation FS2500 is the newest addition to the Synology lineup of all-flash servers. It is an new 1U, 12-bay FS2500 cost-effective all-flash storage for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve the responsiveness of I/O-intensive applications such as virtual machines, light databases or email servers.

2022 also bring updates to the portfolio of SSDs with SAT5210, SNV3410 and SNV3510 in the ANZ region.

Synology FlashStation FS2500: all-round storage platform for SMBs

The FS2500 is designed to tackle business IT applications requiring fast and low-latency storage, including virtual machines and post-production work. The compact, 1U chassis fits 12 2.5″ SATA bays, providing ample capacity and simple installation.

The new FS2500 addresses a growing demand for distributed computing,” said Julien Chen, Product Manager at Synology. “Its small footprint makes it a versatile solution that can be deployed at the edge or in mobile applications.

The unit delivers over 170,000/82,000 4K random read/write performance, and features dual 10GbE ports with room for 10/25GbE expansion.

Powered by the DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, the FS2500 is engineered for reliability and easy maintenance. Smart storage features such as automatic drive repair, storage deduplication (only available on select models and only for Btrfs volumes made up of Synology SSDs) and snapshots coupled with remote backup capabilities ensure data and service availability.

FlashStation FS2500

Synology SAT5210 and SNV3410/3510: enterprise-grade SSDs for Synology servers

Released last year to meet increasingly stringent requirements in terms of reliability and sustained performance, Synology’s lineup of SSD drives have proven to be a dependable solution for powering IT operations in a variety of highly demanding scenarios.

With ongoing disruptions in the supply chain, it is no surprise that vendors have started swapping components,” said Chen. “For end users, this often means leaving much to chance when it comes to the specs of the products they receive. This is not the case with our SSDs, as stringent testing coupled with validation processes guarantee optimal operation with our own systems.

Synology drives are designed in conjunction with the entire stack of engineers responsible for each storage system to ensure complete hardware and software integration, bringing new features and optimizations that would have been otherwise impossible.

SAT5210 SATA SSDs and SNV3410/3510 M.2 NVMe SSDs deliver class-leading consistency and dependable performance for all-flash storage and caching duties. Lifetime analytics (available in DSM 6.2.3-25426 or higher) are based on actual workloads, giving more accurate and convenient insight for IT teams. Future drive firmware updates (available in DSM 6.2.4-25556 and above) will also be delivered directly through Synology DSM for minimal disruption.

Synology SSD comparison



Synology FlashStation FS2500, SAT5210 SATA SSDs, and SNV3410/3510 M.2 NVMe SSDs are now available globally from Synology resellers and partners.