With 30 years of experience helping professionals bring their creativity to life with style, Xencelabs Pen Tablet lands on the shores of the Australian and New Zealand creative market with their range of innovative, top quality drawing tablets.

Designed with the input of industry leading artists, Xencelabs pen tablets deliver the precision and reliability the creative professional needs: a minimal design that prioritises comfort and functionality  with features for faster workflows and great drawing experience. Highlighting comfort as a priority,  this has resulted in an elegant, high quality pen tablet at an affordable price.

The creative industries across the ANZ region have continued to grow exponentially in the connected age, creating significant opportunities for skilled jobs in fields such as graphic design, video game development, 3D animation and art direction. Xencelabs taps into the increased demand for quality devices from these  industries and their employees.

Xencelabs Pen Tablet Family

Designed for Professional Creatives

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium elevates the drawing experience right from the second the pen meets the tablet. With more sensitivity than leading competitors, the pen tablet offers control like  no other, giving you the ability to make the lightest of strokes and smallest of details. Including one-button access for pen pressure curve controls, the pen tablet opens up opportunities for even the  heaviest hand.

The incredibly stylish pen tablet features a seamless and gently curved palm rest to maximise  comfort, as well as adjustable LED lights that help define the active drawing area. With a drawing  surface aspect ratio of 16:9 native, the pen tablet is able to map exactly to most industry-standard monitors.

Accompanied by two different sized and fully customisable pens suited to any workflow, the  experience is reminiscent to that of your favourite sketch pen or pencil. Adding more value, users  will also receive a carrying case, drawing glove and a pen case that also includes replacement nibs  and extractors.

With such comprehensive features packed into a sleek design, the Xencelabs pen tablet is suited to  all creatives, including students and entry level professionals.

Xencelabs Quick Keys

Key Attributes of Xencelabs Pen Tablets

The Xencelabs range consists of products that have resulted from a long, thoughtful and iterative  design process to ensure the inclusion of major features and subtle touches necessary to foster  creative expression, which include:

  • Dimmable lighting that can even be turned off if it’s too distracting since artists often work in  darkened environments. Corner lights can be assigned different colours and tied to the  application in use, which is helpful for reminding artists that their settings may have changed  when they switch applications;
  • Ergonomic design and generous sizing that is suitable for any desk, especially for freelancers  and other creatives that are working from home. Also taking into account the long hours  and tight deadlines for many users, Xencelabs products are designed for comfortable use  over long periods;
  • Portability and minimal setup, perfect for those that are alternating between several  products at once or are travelling on a regular basis;
  • Xencelabs Quick Keys, included in the Pen Tablet Medium Bundle, enables artists to  incorporate shortcut keys into their regular workflow through an easy-to-use interface. The  Quick Keys’ OLED display and physical dial allow you to create up to 40 shortcuts per  application and group sets of related functions like sketching, colouring and editing.

Pricing and Availability

The Xencelabs range consists of the Pen Tablet Small (AUD$339.99, NZD$399.99), Medium  (AUD$469.99. NZD$549.99), Medium Bundle (AUD$599.99, NZD$699.99) and Optional Xencelabs  Quick Keys (AUD$149.99, NZD$169.99) through MacGear and their retail network.