Remote learning is a thing of the past (or is it?). As hard as lockdowns have been, there has been some definite upsides like not having to do the school run. Regardless kids have had a taste of the forbidden fruit with technology on the fore, and Belkin’s SOUNDFORM Mini On Ear Wireless Headphones for Kids are designed for little ears

Belkin SOUNDFORM Mini On Ear Wireless Headphones on our Deputy Chief Unboxing Officer


First Impressions

When Master E asked me if he could have a set of wireless headsets, I could swear he has been spying on my emails. I had just been offered the Belkin SoundForm Mini, and it even comes in his favourite colour – blue. When they arrived it almost became the battle of the youngest, but thankfully Princess A was not as keen when it’s not pink (thankfully she doesn’t know they do come in pink too!)

These are definitely smaller than adult headphones, with a strong plastic shell and band. The ear cups have a small amount of swivel on them, and these are on a fairly substantial hinge. It all feels like it has been engineered to withstand a bit of kids love, which is true with durability tested for up to 2 years. There is a decent amount of foam in the ear cups which is covered by a soft leather like material.

Controls are simple – power, volume up and down. There is a 3.5mm jack, a tiny LED and an micro-USB port. These are all located on the right ear cup.

Mini Wireless Headphones_BlueMini Wireless Headphones

In Use

Pairing is simple, it is a matter of turning on the headset and listen for the ascending trill confirming that it’s powered on. The LED will flash blue when it is in a ready to connect state.

Master E has it paired to his computer and oh boy does he love them. He gets to listen to his podcasts, YouTube and music on his games without having to annoying everyone else.

At his age, being a newly minted 8 year old, he just wants headphones that will work when he turns them on, as long as he remembers to charge them. He knows when the sound is stuttering, and he knows when his music is playing well. At one stage I had him one set up on a 3.5mm audio cable and he did complain quite vocally when his music was cutting out. There were no such issues when it is connected wirelessly.

The SoundForm Mini are comfortable enough that he has no issues wearing them for a longer screen time session. There has not been a peep from him about any discomfort.

Mini Wireless Headphones White


Other Features

Very importantly, in Bluetooth mode the volume is cap to 85 decibels. This is the limit beyond which exposure for extended periods can cause permanent hearing loss. At 85 dB it is just over the rating of an alarm clock which is plenty loud.

The battery life is rated for 28-30 hours, which is plenty to get through a school day and more. It certainly lasts longer than Master E’s screen time allowance on a weekend visit. We only need to charge it as a routine after he leaves my care.


Key features

  • 30 Hours Battery Life – Long lasting battery keeps headphones charged for 28 – 30 hours when listening
  • Safe Listening Volume – A volume cap of 85 decibels protects kids ears while they listen, learn and play
  • Talk Back – Built in microphone allows kids to talk to teachers and friends on their device
  • A reliable connection – Bluetooth 5.0 with a 10M range keeps kids connected to their devices even if they move around while listening
  • Distance Learning Approved – Tested for use with popular learning devices like iPads and Amazon Fire Tablets, and with programs like Zoom, Schoology and Seesaw.
  • Kids-sized for comfort – Designed with a soft, adjustable headband and smaller cushion cups for a better fit than regular headphones
  • Durable – Tested to withstand spills and accidents for up to 2 years
  • Easy, intuitive controls – Kids won’t need any help setting up or using their headphones thanks to simple touch controls for play/pause, volume control, and Bluetooth pairing.
  • Option to Wire in – A 4-foot 3.5mm aux port and included cable give you the option to connect directly to devices if preferred.


Other Thoughts

Instead of my normal gripes, I am taking a different tack with the SoundForm mini.

Not surprisingly, at this price point and target market, there is no multi-point on the Bluetooth. It is neither here or there, just something to note.

The only thing that I wish Belkin did do, is to put in an USB-C port. I really really want to eliminate different types of cables at my home.

Princess A is all smiles



Priced at AUD$39.95 and tested for durability for up to 2 years, up to 30 hours battery life and volume cap, the Belkin SOUNDFORM Mini On Ear Wireless Headphones for Kids is excellent value. They aren’t earbuds which can be easy to lose.

The Belkin SoundForm Minis are available in Black, Blue, Pink and White. Particularly in the brighter colours, they absolutely stand out and adds a cute factor for the munchkins. They are available from Belkin, Amazon and other major retailers.

These definitely got the seal of approval from Master E. DRN and Master E would like to thank Belkin for providing the review unit.