Jabra MOVE 2We have always been fans of the Jabra brand here at DigitalReviews.

Years ago we reviewed the HALO, a wireless headphone set when these things were a novelty.
It was one of the best wireless phones which I’ve subsequently worn to death over thousands of hours till the charge port lost its tight fit…

So would the Jabra MOVE be a worthy successor?

The short answer is a resounding YES.
Let’s give some reasons why and where it could improve.

It’s a bold design coming in various colours and a nice cayenne/black graced our review unit.
It’s pretty sturdy with a metal band connecting the two cans with generous padding for your cranium and enough plastic padding on the round ear cups. It doesn’t look cheap yet it is one of the most inexpensive bluetooth headphones around. And coming from a pioneer in bluetooth transmissions you can expect superb range, often more than the standard 10m and without dropouts.

In case you want to go wired, like when the battery goes flat after 6-8 hours or when you’re hooking up to a non-bluetooth device, the retail box has a 1.2m long 3.5mm cable in addition to the standard USB charge cable. Recharging the MOVE takes a couple of hours. Battery life is quite adequate because it’s unlikely you’ll wear the MOVE more than a few hours at the time.

I found the clamping force a bit too much. Granted, for strenuous exercise you want it to stay in place (the HALO was pretty bad at this!) but the downside is that it exerts a fair bit of pressure… The headband is adjustable and a little bit flexible. The set cannot be folded like the HALO but it’s tough enough to throw in a bag.

I use the MOVE mainly for listing to great soundtracks from the likes of Hans Zimmer (lots of bass and drums), classical stuff, some Country and audio books. If you get some calls in between just press the Multifunction button on the left ear cup to take or reject the call. There are also some fiddly Volume UP/Down buttons on that rocker switch which also allow you to skip tracks.
The right ear cup has the Pairing/On/Off switch and the microUSB charge port.

Jabra MOVE 1


The MOVE has an excellent genealogy in the long line of Jabra wireless headphones.
This is one of the cheapest with a very decent sound quality and good construction.

It doesn’t have active noise cancellation so making it not very suitable in noisy environments.
If you’re on a budget you can’t go wrong with this one in whatever colour you choose.

Pick one up online for less than a hundred Aussie bucks. Have seen them as low as $79 to as high as $139 (that’s a bit on the high side!)

Check the Aussie Jabra site for more details or to check out their other models.