Noisehush NX70 MultiMedia Headset Review by Raj

Lets get one thing out of the way first – the question of why do we need a headset? If you are listening to music only, you would simply go for a pair or headphones or earphones. Most of us would use the microphone which comes built into our laptops, mobile phones and other devices today. Almost all mobile devices now come with built in speakers and microphones, so why get a separate unit to clutter our lives further still? But these alternatives do have their drawbacks. Stereo headphones will enable you to listen to everything, but have you really tried talking at the same time? I think more often you will be repeating loudly to all in the vicinity – “CAN YOU HEAR ME?” And, the built-in mics of most devices today are usually just added on as after-thoughts and don’t really perform as you would expect.

And not to mention too, this is an essential piece of weaponry for the armchair warrior who spends countless days on his gaming machine, with the only social life being chatting with his online gaming clan. Indeed, such a sociopath cannot afford to have his headset break down or fail on him. It is his only link other humans out there.

So, there is still a need for a device which can do both – listen and talk. In this respect, the NX70 Multimedia Headset from Noisehush works well and satisfies these needs. Let me elaborate a bit more.

I used it with a number of sources ranging from a few different models of mobile phones, laptops, the I-Pad2, my television, my gaming desktop and even plugged into the headphone input of a very high end integrated tube amplifier! The sound quality is good, I can hear a conversation clearly and crisply. Even when used in multi-player gaming, it works very well. Plugged into a mobile phone, it works decently and better than any of the supplied headsets usually bundled with your shiny new Nokias, Sonys, HTCs, and even the iPhone. Where it shines is in the quality of the microphone. Everyone I called and spoke to using a phone could hear me very clearly and the noise cancellation really worked. I used it in a train, in public areas, in a library [simply to annoy others really], at home and in various other scenarios, even when walking the dogs. I will say for most of the time, my conversations were heard clearly and with no hair pulling on the other side. Using Skype, Facetime and even Messenger chats, was a good experience with the NX70. As a microphone device, this headset works well enough.

The speaker of the NX70 is good for a headset device, better than the basic ones you get bundled. When used from your laptop, mobile device and even desktop it works like a charm. Conversations can be heard clearly and I can also use it as a handless unit, when driving or walking the dogs. Even when I sometimes use it to listen to the news broadcasts, radio stations and music and movie soundtrack, it is very decent enough. That is once you get over the fact it is not stereo. The attached volume control is useful and does its work well. But here again, where it stands out is in its ability to filter out unwanted noises and only let through your other party’s voice. I preferred using the NX70 when using internet voice chatting and even as a hands free device when plugged into my mobile phone.

However, there are some basic drawbacks. No stereo of course, and the sound isn’t exactly of the high end or comparable to dedicated speakers and earphones. Your basic desktop speakers will be better for gaming, music and movies. But then again, we come back to the original question asked and answered. If you are only wanting to listen and enjoy higher fidelity stereo, this is not a product you would be considering either. If you are a karaoke warrior and like holding something close to your mouth.. well.. this product may not satisfy either.

As for its design and function, you get what you pay for and more. It is very attractively boxed, the instructions are clear and precise and the overall package appears more expensive than it is. The speaker ear cushioning is adequate, and it also swivels to give your ear a good fit. The microphone is at the end of a swivel boom which I found very adjustable and fun to play with. It can even be adjusted to be used for the left or right ear, very versatile indeed. The tangle free cord is a bonus as well, and the handset buttons for volume, call answer, call end – all work fine, even when I was caught in the rain.

My only concern is the size of the headband. It does not extend very much and I would actually try it out first, in case you have been told many times you have a big head. Afro and mullet hairdos take note as well please. Overall comfort is acceptable, once you have adjusted it to your head and microphone positioning. Build quality is good enough for its asking price. All plastic construction but does not look cheap or assembled in a prison somewhere.

Overall, the NX70 does it job well, is well priced for its sound and microphone quality, and I will recommend such a pair even if you already have a bundled headset from your mobile device.

It is worth having this unit around, and its usefulness and quality will reward you for its reasonable price.

Currently on sale for just $16.95 from the regular 24.99 at