NoiseHushEarlier we reviewed a bluetooth car speaker from NoiseHush which performed quite well so we thought to have a look at their latest stereo headset, the NX80. Two things stand out: yes, that colour! The cables are a flamingo red, I suppose. Not too gaudy and easily found in the mishmash of wires and cables that clutter my desk. The other thing is the cables are also flat to ensure they stay tangle free. A few of the standard headsets that came with my mobile phones frustrated me quite a bit when I had to unravel them every time! So the NX80 scores a big plus here.

The business end of this headset comes with 4 different sizes of ear gels to accommodate most folks with the right fit. The other end sports a gold-plated 3.5mm jack and a strategically placed in-line microphone with a control button to switch between music and phone calls, The NX80 comes in a very attractive box, together with a small pouch with drawstrings and the aforementioned selection of ear gels. The main claim to fame for this good-looking NX80 is the ability of the microphone to filter out any unwanted noise and for the drivers to produce high fidelity sound with plenty of bass.

NoiseHush NX80 Stereo Headset

Can this headset deliver?
We tested it out in various scenarios and whilst my hearing hasn’t been damaged too much by years of flying, they are not at their peak either when I was in my twenties. So, with average hearing, my conclusion is that this NX80 headset delivers an above average sound, probably one of the best headsets I own. Not content with just my own findings I asked my daughter who has perfect hearing to test them out as well. She came back with a glowing report, skewed no doubt by the hope she might hold on to them! How could I take them back, particularly after her suggestions to improve an already great product?  What she’d like to see in a next model would be to ditch the simple control button for one that allows you to skip or repeat music tracks. And a little clip to hold everything in place for when you go jogging would not go amiss either…

With a change of ear gels so that the fit is perfect for her ears she reported an absolutely deep bass sound whilst these ear plugs are soft and comfy enough to fall asleep by. All in all: thumbs up from the new owner!

I can repeat myself here if you like but for a measly 30 bucks you can get this great headset from our friends at WirelessGround.

Here’s the direct link.

If you’re a fan of fettuccini, you’re in luck as I think that’s what they call them tangle-free cables…
So if you don’t want to untie a ball of spaghetti every time you reach for your headset, go for the fettuccini!