Poly’s Voyager 4320 headset is an absolute workhorse.  It kicks goals with outstanding battery longevity, wired options and supporting app and PC/MACOS software.  Plus it’s sturdy, reliable and durable.

And, like a certain other Voyager, I have no doubt this one could possibly last 45 years and 23.381 billion kms!


I wasn’t expecting this. Honest. I thought oh, it’s just another headset for the office or home, plug it in and expect the usual. I’m pleased to say I was wrong. Very wrong.


Plug and play, the Voyager 4320 comes with a small BT700 USB adapter for audio over USB mode on your computer.  There’s the option of multiple device connections on PC or Mac, smartphone or desk phone (base sold separately). Or use the the corded option to extend your battery life. The Voyager 4320  has simple controls on the right hand ear cup.  There’s instructions on how to pair with either your computer or phone – it’s fairly straight forward. I found the controls intuitive and easily picked up without first reading the instructions (always a good test).


You’ve got the choice of the Poly Lens software for your PC or Mac or  PLT Hub app for your smartphone. Everything is very clearly set out. It provides straightforward headings and walks you through each step. Once your headset is paired, a simple exercise on both computer or smartphone, finding all the relevant information is straight forward.  Adjust your language, update the headset or create notifications for yourself when you’re on another call.   They use text AND pictures to explain everything which to this occasionally overloaded brain is a bonus!

You also have the added benefit of locating your headset at all times once activated, which is handy if you tend to put it down and forget where you left it.  Same goes for auto on from the moment you log on to your computer – it’s a sweet set up.



Calls made with the Voyager 4320 are crisp and clear between caller and receiver. There’s no lag and I had no dramas using the ear controls to organise sound options – volume, muting etc are all very easily controlled.

There’s a solid 50m of walk and talk connectivity which means you can do laps around the yard and/or office without fear of drop outs.  I trialled this by heading down the backyard… at 45m down the back lane I was still able to have a clear conversation, albeit with some curious looks from my neighbour. Background noise is a thing of the past, with dual-mic Acoustic Fence technology creating a clean conversational environment.

A slated 24 hours of talk time is excellent battery longevity and, having used it a few times, I’m still yet to recharge. Don’t forget you can also plug into the PC for recharging while you’re using the Voyager 4320 and use it as a corded headset.  There’s also the option of purchasing the Voyager Office Base to compliment your setup (sold separately).


The Voyager 4320 comes with acoustic hearing protection using SoundGuard DIGITAL technology.  When used in conjunction with the Poly Lens Desktop software, time weighted averages are aided to prevent noise exposure exceeding 85dBA.

I am extremely impressed at the audio quality.  The bass in particular surprised me.  Music across a variety of genres had depth and clarity. Too often some audio companies can compromise on sound quality in the rush to get out the next big thing. This is not the case with the Voyager 4320 – it has some serious bass chops and even managed to send a shiver up my spine with one particular song.



I like companies who take the time to make your life a little more pleasant and Poly have done this through their Health & Wellness software and app options.

The Soundscapes configuration provides you with white noise options of Mountain Ranch, Gentle Ocean or Babbling Brook.  These are great in a noisy environment where tuning out but staying alert at the same time is essential.

Following on from this is the Hydration and Vision screens, with each one offering reminders to hydrate and have vision breaks, as well as giving information about how to minimise the effects of constant computer use.



The Voyager 4320 is slightly heavier than my other headsets. I’m a DRN editor, I have a few okay? Don’t judge. 🙂 But after giving them all a turn, I honestly prefer the weight of the Voyager. It sits perfectly on my ears and head. If I move or bend down it doesn’t fall off – stares at an unnamed culprit.   The weightier than average ear cups create awesome sound. I’m not complaining and neither should you.

The mouth piece moves up and down so you can leave it in place for calls or move it up off your face. The mouth piece is not too short and not too long. It’s juuuuust right. You’re not going to snap it off it as it is secure and moulded as part of the overall ear cup exterior.



It’s true – Poly just work. And as you can see from the image below, they’ve got you and all communication platforms covered.



Poly’s Voyager 4320 UC Series is one of the best headsets I’ve reviewed to date. It has serious chops when it comes to ease of use and audio clarity.  Compatible across all communication platforms, the easily navigated PC/MACOS software and phone app make this a simple yet effective set up.  Add to this the flexibility to move around and background noise elimination and this is a very sound investment.

Head on over to Amazon where you can purchase the Voyager 4320 for $255.44. https://tinyurl.com/rvbtas9y. The Poly Voyager 4320 UC may be the only headset you’ll ever need for work and home; no mean feat in a saturated marketplace.

Thank you Poly for the opportunity to review the awesome Voyager 4320 UC.   Now please excuse me, I have to go rehydrate.

For further information on Poly products, visit https://www.poly.com/au/en/products/headsets/voyager/voyager-4300-uc