Jabra have done it again: Meet the Evolve2 30.
The Evolve2 30 is the ideal headset for the budget but quality conscious user.
Introducing Jabra Evolve2 30

Jabra Evolve2 30

Lightweight and portable, this stylish headset is ideal for working from home, the office, hot desking or simply blocking out the sound of screaming hordes.

The Evolve2 30 is simply everything Jabra claim: lightweight, portable, reliable and most importantly, comfortable. Plug in and go!


Introducing the Evolve2 Family

Jabra have reengineered their Evolve series, with the Evolve2 improvements including redesigned fit, button placement and the inclusion of Microsoft Teams technology.

The entry level Evolve2 30 is no less a work horse.   This sleek and minimalist headset offers great versatility be it calls or music, providing confidence  your call or music will be provide excellent audio quality every time.

Open Office Requirements

If, like me, you work in an open office space where the loudest person’s phone calls can be heard by everyone, you’ll appreciate the Evolve2 30’s 2-microphone audio system.  It blends your dulcet tones with noise isolation, ensuring each and every call meets the Microsoft Open Office requirements.

Jabra note the 2 microphone audio system ‘suppresses surrounding noise and office conversation from multiple directions” by a whopping 48%.  I can confirm the Evolve2 30 certainly meets the brief.  So when you’re #wfh , the dog is barking, and the home-schooled children are demanding your attention in the middle of a work meeting, the Evolve2 30 is definitely for you.


The Evolve2 30 has been certified by multiple Unified Communications (UC) vendors and meets Microsoft Team Open Office requirements.  Jabra pride themselves on the ability of the Evolve2 30 to provide you with a ‘truly seamless’ partnership with your chosen platform.

Certified for Microsoft Teams, the plug and play aspect has the benefit of allowing default selection of the audio device.   Add to this the dedicated Microsoft Teams button and you’ll be the first to know when you’re meeting is about to start… no catching you unawares sans pants!


You have the option of Stereo or Mono headsets; in this case I’m trialling the stereo. I can’t fault it; the sound is excellent.

Audio quality is the forte of every Jabra device and the Evolve2 30 is no different, with 28mm speakers providing exceptional, consistent sound.   In the spirit of research, I gave the old music catalogue a rip through and was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality.  There’s no loss of clarity or bass for those who prefer more diverse musical genres. *looks towards work colleague who insists on calling my classical music choices “murder music”. I continue to be affronted by this sacrilegious attack upon my musical tastes.

Call quality is spot on. There’s none of that tinny can-and-string quality of sound from which less reputable brands suffer. The Evolve2 30 offers the user a crisp yet comfortable listening experience, plus the ability to truly focus without compromised concentration.   I’m working from home, the dogs are barking, a teen is yelling and I’m blissfully unaware of it all. With the Evolve2 30, so is the person on the other end of the call.  Jabra state the Evolve2 30 meets sound minimising standards and I would agree wholeheartedly.

What does that button do?

The dedicated Microsoft Teams button in the middle right earcup is activated by one push when signed into Microsoft Teams.  Join a meeting, view missed calls or voicemails. Press once again to hang up. Very easy.

Again on the right earcup at the back, the volume buttons are multi taskers. Press the top button until you have the right sound level or use it to fast forward through a voice message.

The middle button acts as play and pause with a single tap.

Jabra Evolve2 30 Earcup Buttons

Intuitive placement and multiple options

The bottom button can reduce sound levels or rewind your voicemail messages.

Do Not Disturb allows others to know you’re on a call. The integrated busy light turns on automatically but you can also activate it manually to signal ‘do not disturb’ mode.  By pushing the volume up and down button simultaneously, you can toggle the busy light on or off depending upon needs.

You can Mute your call by pushing the small button on the front top of the right ear cup. Press it again to unmute.

All actions are very intuitive and only take a second to activate.  For those on frequent Microsoft Teams meetings, this headset would be an absolute dream. But it doesn’t matter what your preferred meeting platform, Jabra have you covered with the Evolve2 30.


Jabra Direct provides bug fixes and compatibility updates which are easily installed via the Direct Dashboard. Jabra states future firmware updates and value packs will boost the quality and capacity of the headset even further.  This future proofing the Evolve2 30 by Jabra is a welcome addition and maximises sustainability in the long term.

Hearing Protection and Comfort
Jabra Evolve2 30 Fit

Jabra Evolve2 30 adaptable earcups

The Evolve2 30 has an on-ear stainless steel, slider headband that offers very comfortable memory foam ear cups.  They’re not fixed but instead, see saw like, adjust to your head and ear shape. The soft ear cups are especially comfortable. On this cold rainy day, my ears feels snug but not crushed. They’re light but not featherweight and Jabra state the ear cup design has been enhanced to make them more resistant to impact.

The addition of Jabra Safetone TM gives me the security of knowing my hearing is protected and the angled earcup design enabling a higher degree of concentration and noise isolation.


We all have them; that one friend who is so well connected and you don’t know how they do it.  Same with the Evolve2 30. No slouch in the connectivity department, the Evolve2 30 works with Mac or PC.  Your choice of USB-A or USB-C, the connection is strong and the hardware sturdy. Adapters are available for use with phones or tablets.

For the Spec fiends…
  • Audio:                                           Speaker size 28mm Ø
  • Speaker sensitivity:                     115dB @1mW-1kHz
  • Speaker max input power:        30mW
  • Speaker frequency range:         20Hz – 20 000Hz
  • Speaker bandwidth – music mode: 20Hz – 20 000Hz
  • Speaker bandwidth speak mode: 100Hz – 12000Hz
  • Microphone type:                       1 Analog MEME and 1 Analog ECM
  • Microphone sensitivity:            -38BV/Pa / -33dBV/Pa
  • User hearing protection:          Jabra SafeToneTM
  • Certifications:                             Leading UC vendors; meets Microsoft Teams Open Office requirements*

I enjoy unboxing, or in this case, unbagging Jabra products. The Evolve2 30 arrived in a slim recyclable paper bag.  The soft storage pouch with elastic provides a secure and safe method of storing your headset. The sustainable packaging enhances the premium look and feel of the headset. There’s artfully placed extra information, so make sure you check out all the folds and creases for info.

Waste 360* are particularly enthusiastic in their praise for Jabra’s dedicated sustainability drive.  Jabra’s Evolve2 Series packaging goals take the company another step towards achieving 100% sustainable packaging across all their product ranges.

Marits Hekking, Head of Sustainability at GN (Jabra’s parent company), states “”We have high ambitions, and the evolution of our packaging is a huge step in the right direction. In order to keep progressing, we will continue to consider sustainability in everything we do, whether it’s our operations, our products or our packaging.”

Jabra’s Green Initiative in Europe enables recycling of older products.  At the moment there’s no similar recycling in Australia. Maybe in the future Jabra will consider bringing the program to our antipodean shores.


Jabra’s Evolve2 30 exceeded my expectations.

Firstly, it may be light but it isn’t flimsy. In fact, it is a veritable work horse and suitable for any and all consumers looking for connectivity and comfort.

Secondly, the minimalist buttons do not detract from the functionality of this headset.  The sleek barely-there buttons enhance how deceiving a punch it packs for those who have the most to gain:   #wfh, office-based workers, students or anyone requiring a great wired signal device at an affordable price.

Finally, Evolve2 30 ultimately enables a seamless audio transition into work place or home and beyond.  Added bonus points for creating a sustainable product with hearing protection and and intuitive design.

The Evolve2 30 can be found at jabra.com.au and all good online retailers RRP $132.00.  With Christmas on the horizon, the opportunity to score a discount is high.  I say go for it:  you won’t regret your purchase and the opportunity to enjoy the silence of your surrounds, great audio and endless connectivity.

Thank you Jabra for the opportunity to trial the reliable and highly recommended Evolve2 30!

Now excuse me whilst I listen to some more of that ah, murder music. *pushes Do Not Disturb…