Introducing the ECOVACS DEEBOT NEO 2.0 Plus

Available as Aldi Special Buy TOMORROW 19 June 2024

Hands free cleaning and mopping without the need to lift a finger.
Okay, maybe one finger to touch the app, but that’s it!

Ecovacs Deebot Neo 2.0 Plus

I was thrilled to learn I’d be reviewing the Deebot Neo 2.0 Plus; I work full time, teach swimming part-time, write articles for DRN , and in between play cello and run daily.  In short, I’m pretty busy, and a helping hand around the house is always welcome.

I don’t just want the Deebot Neo in my life, I NEED IT!



I was excited when I arrived home to see this miracle of modern technology patiently awaiting a review. Having had the pleasure of vacuuming my home ye olde fashioned way for many a moon, I can honestly say I’m eager to embrace the DEEBOT NEO 2.0 Plus with loving arms.

Ecovacs Deebot Neo 2.0 Plus

The Deebot Neo is packed securely, with instructions neatly packaged on top. In there you’ll find an assortment of instruction booklets, the mop attachment, warranty etc.  Inclusion below:

In the corner of one of the packing boxes you’ll find a little three pronged Side Brush and a small white pack container a magnetic screwdriver and four small screws.

The three pronged Side Brush needs to be screwed into the base of the Deebot Neo – you can see on the instructions below. It’s very straightforward. This is all you need to do and you’re good to go.





Using the QR code, you simply follow the prompts on the App and your DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS. I had a couple of tries before it worked, but that was user error due to not scanning the QR code correctly.

The App walks you through the process, directing you to sync your DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS with your Wi-Fi 2.4G (easily swapped back to if you’re using 5G like I do).


Honestly, it was very straight forward and I was up and running within a few minutes.  The ECOVACS App is well thought out, the interface is simple and sleek, and connectivity is easy. Now that’s my kind of app.

Hmm, what to call my DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS…. *taps fingers on the desk.

With a nod to The Matrix and the sleek black exterior of my new found household robot, I turned on Keanu Neo *coughs* and we were at one.

Here’s a quick video for you of the initial start up.


I’m impressed by the 5L very large dustbag which certainly outshines that of competitors. Unless you’ve got dirt from one end of the house to the other, this should last you up to 15o days before requiring emptying.  Need more bags? Easily ordered via the ECOVACS App.


The 5000Pa suction provides the perfect antidote to cleaning any home, but particularly those with children and pets.  Can confirm it removes the pesky likelihood of standing on Lego too!



The 52200mAh battery gives you reliability and power when you need it.  With a run time of 180 minutes, there’s every excuse for allowing your DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS do all the work for you.



But wait, there’s more bells and whistles to be found in the DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS. Ultrasonic sensors mean your carpets are kept dry when mopping,  whilst the suction boost ensure a single-sweep mode to ensure effective dust removal from those pesky edges and crevices. No more dust bunnies.



At a modest 27cm in height, the Aut0-Empty station is the perfect discreet size for ease of docking and emptying of the DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS.  As soon as the DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS docks, it quickly suctions out any dust and dirt. Similar to a quick burst of vacuum cleaner noise, it is very quick to empty the DEEBOT, ensuring your ears are not subjected to the endless vacuuming sound. It’s impressively quick.


The DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS carefully maps your floors using LiDAR technology – Light Detection and Ranging.  It’s a remote sensing method using pulsed laser to calculate ranges, or in this case, your rooms.  On the App you can adjust your DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS room mapping to accommodate various walls, boundaries, etc. It’s pretty cool to be honest.


The DEEBOT NEO  2.0 PLUS has the added benefit of four anti-drop sensors. Think of them as edge detectors which identify steps or ridges; your DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS will automatically reroute and move away from the danger zones.


Absolutely can and will recommend! I’ve only had the DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS for less than 24 hours, but I can already tell we’re going to become great friends.  Easy manoeuvrability, quiet operating and added bonus for keeping the pets entertained, the DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS retails for $999.00.

But this week on Wednesday 19 June 2024, you’re in luck with ALDI having an amazing sale with DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS at an incredible discount at just $499!  So run, don’t walk, down to ALDI for this impressive household item. You can thank me later!

Thank you to ECOVACS for the opportunity to trial the impressive DEEBOT NEO 2.0 PLUS.