800x800 DKCharger3

We’ve been reviewing plenty of wireless charging options over the years and have had a ho-hum attitude to most of them. The initial excitement of being able to charge our devices wirelessly and easily has waned a bit.

But having highlighted a few EFM products recently and knowing they produce some good quality gear, we were willing to have a look at their latest wireless charger. The main feature of which seems to be leather.


Just a touch of luxury to differentiate it from all the other chargers on the market?

Well, I discovered there were other things that made this my favourite wireless charger…

Forget the luxury real leather covering on top. Yes, it is nice. Actually, very nice and it smells like real leather.

Let’s compare it with the Genuine Samsung Fast Wireless Charger.

Have a look at the picture below.



See how slim and slender the EFM charger is? In other words: svelte, even though that word is mainly used to describe people, not things. But hey, things that endear us get personalised these days…

Being small means light and compact, ideal for travel.

Here’s another key thing I liked: placement of your phone on a wireless charger can be a bit finicky. Is it really charging or do I need to move it around a bit? Not so with the EFM. Solid charge connection every time.

Finally, it’s fast.

With a variable output of up to 15 Watts, it is about 1.4 times faster than most standard 5W wireless chargers.

It comes with a wall charger and a 1m USB C charge cable. This unit handles all Qi devices and is Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 certified.

Last bit of good news: it comes with a 5 Year free replacement warranty.

The downside is that all this goodness and convenience comes at a fairly hefty price: AUD99. It’ll be a tough call for most folks but not overpriced for wat it provides.