EGO MultiTool AttachmentsFor our regular readers the EGO brand of outdoor power equipment will be very familiar. Today, we look at two attachments for one of their more versatile, the EGO MultiTool, which currently has a range of 7 attachments. This review will be looking at the EGO Bristle Brush and the EGO Cultivator.

We’ve reviewed 3 before (pole saw, brush cutter and line trimmer), two more today and hopefully the Hedge Trimmer later on.

First up, the 560cm wide EGO Bristle Brush.

EGO Bristle BrushWow, this thing is huge and heavy! And it needs to be.

When you open the box it looks even bigger because the two brush rolls are spread apart for more balanced packing.

EGO Bristle Brush Box

A couple of minutes assembly – no tools needed – and a quick glance at the manual and she’s ready to roll.

Initial impression: she’s a bit hard to push along and for a moment I thought it was because the roll movement was backwards…

There is some resistance as it pushes the dirt and leaves and generates some dust. The dust guard shields most of it.

We have a fair bit of pavement with a lot of leaf clutter in the autumn. This is the perfect place to put this electric broom to work.

You may not have to make any sweeping motions with it to get the job done, but pushing and lifting it to change direction will give you a bit of a workout as well.

The results are good but corners are always hard to clean and a quick run with a blower might be needed as well.

I’m always impressed by the very high quality of materials in these tools and the ease of assembly, use and cleaning.

The EGO Bristle Brush is the most expensive attachment in the range at AUD$349.

Is it worth it?

It is not overpriced for what you get, but you may need to have the regular work to justify it. I can see professional gardeners use it every day on most jobs.

This tool would have been very useful to get the snow off your driveway, too, if you lived in Texas in the last few months (Feb 2021)!

We’ll have a short video below the next article showing both attachments in action.


The EGO Cultivator – Digging up the Soil without Hands

EGO Cultivator

To cultivate – in its original meaning – is to prepare and use (land) for crops or gardening.

Sometimes that is easy when the soil is not compacted or rocky or clumped with weeds. Most of the time you’ll need to do some digging and wield a spade or use your bare hands.
Messy. Tiring. You’re on your knees or bending down.

Yes, it’s hard work and that’s where an EGO Cultivator comes in.

How does that work?

Have a look at the business end of the tool:

You can see the heavy-duty steel tines which are adjustable from 21 to 24cm. So if you have to do any tilling between bushes, trees and in flower beds you can make it a bit smaller.

Check out the short video below if you want to know if they are really made for hard work. We filmed our very first run using the EGO Cultivator and found out the soil was full of rubble and big rocks!

With that said, the EGO Cultivator handled it without missing a beat or damaging the steel blades. Just a bit of jerking and shuddering as it bounced around the rocks. Impressive.

This is the tool that will get a good workout as we head into the season of preparing the ground for planting and seeding.

At AUD$249 it’s a welcome addition for our EGO addiction!

Again we thank EGO for allowing us to test out these excellent products.

Please have a look at the EGO website for some more inspiration.