In a day and age where there is the forever pursuit of the perfect photo, the Hypop Ruby ring light helps provide a portable, cost-effective lighting option.

Inadvertently, due to unforeseen circumstances and many attempts at getting this review done, the Hypop Ruby got to travel to quite a few locations with me. At least that provided me with the opportunity to see how it worked within different lighting set ups, as well as proved it was durable.

Hypop Ruby


First Impressions

The Hypop Ruby ring light seems sturdy. I happen to have a couple of LED rings of a different brand and they definitely have more flex in their plastic cover over the LEDs. Coming equipped with a swivel ball joint attached to the clamp, it gives adequate versatility in positioning.

Hypop Ruby control

In Use and Features

The clamp has rubber slip-ons, so you won’t damage anything you’re attaching it to. Powered by a 5V USB cable, you can power it from your laptop, or otherwise a charging brick without issue, or as I found out even your 3D printer when it’s the closest accessible power supply within reach.

Hypop Ruby off

Controls on the cable are easy to use. On/off, plus/minus to adjust the intensity and a button to switch between the different colour temperature adjustability from 3200K (warm sun-kissed) to 5600K (natural daylight).

Natural Light Hypop with Ruby

Check out how it looks on video.



If you’re hoping to clip it onto your phone, rather than on your laptop or on some adjacent furniture, it does become a bit of a clumsy and bulky option. Hypop’s selfie Spectrum Firefly would be far more practical for that particular purpose.

Also, seemingly a lot of accommodation seems to favour softer, yellow lighting. I did find that the Hypop Ruby did seem to make less of a noticeable difference within such lighting.

Bizarrely, it seemed to keep tripping off migraines for me, which is not something I’ve actively experienced with my other light rings. Possibly the combination of the frequency and the higher lumen rating contributed to that. I would expect that it wouldn’t be a concern for most individuals.

Hypop Ruby clip



Whether you’re looking to start with a price sensitive set up at home, or need to take photos or record videos when away from your main set up, the Hypop Ruby ring is a good, affordable option. At time of publishing it is at 50% off the RRP of $49.99. Great for those tax time savings.



  • Colour temperature adjustable 3200K (warm) – 5600K (cool)
  • Dimmable brightness
  • Max Clip Opening: 3.5cm
  • USB powered for easy usability and portability
  • Ring catchlights
  • Size: 6″ Ring Light
  • 48 SMD individual LED Lights