TYRE0What we like about the Navman products is that they are cramming all sorts of features into one gadget.

We have just reviewed a GPS with built-in dashcam and today it’s a Dashcam with a built-in Tyre Pressure Monitoring System!

We present the Navman MIVUE860 DC TYRE.

So the need for dashcams is very clear: you’re lucky if you can capture a UFO or a thylacine on camera and unlucky if someone hits your vehicle.
However, if it is not your fault you will again be lucky that this dashcam has captured it all. And in high definition!


When you buy the MIVUE860 DC TYRE you’ll know it’s a premium product. It sells for $599 Aussie buckaroos. That seems high and it is not for everyone but it looks like value for money if you want a dual camera setup and a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.


So let’s talk about this first.

What is a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – TPMS? And why would you need it?
I’m in the habit of giving my tyres a quick glance when I fuel up: check for inflation and wear.
And I often forget it if I’m in a hurry or when I don’t think I need to do it so often.

Over- or underinflated tyres can cause problems in how your car handles on the road and may lead to accidents. Low tyre pressure also increases fuel consumption.

So it would be nice if there were a system that would tell you what the actual pressure is for all 4 tyres and warn you when it is low.

There are dedicated TPMS units and we’ll probably review one shortly.
Generally they have a compact display as they plug directly into the 12V socket.

This unit on the Navman has a fairly large and colourful display that also indicates the temperature of the tyres. The external sensors screw onto the respective tyre valves and send a signal to a receiver that needs to be plugged into the Navman, making it a bit unsightly. Once installed it works a treat.


The rest of the functions are fairly standard for a high end dashcam with display.

Let’s mention a couple.

Like the Lane Departure function. Not sure if this is a winner even though most new vehicles have this sort of feature. It will warn you when you get too close to the centre line or the verge.
There’s no way to avoid triggering the beeps or voice even if you drive perfectly in your lane. Sometimes alarms are triggered by reflecting rain puddles in low sun or just driving within a metre of the centreline. I disabled this feature quick smart…

The same with the Forward Collision and the Drive Fatigue warnings.

A better feature is the hi-res recording with the Sony sensor. Good choice.

Another pleasure to use is the very responsive touchscreen and the dedicated camera button to use the TYRE unit for emergency recording after an accident.

One note on installation: ideally a dashcam should go unobtrusively behind the rear-view mirror. That’s the best place for a camera. However, the touchscreen display needs to be within easy reach.
I chose a low position in the middle of the windscreen. It doesn’t obscure my vision of the road.

All in all a very decent unit with no glaring faults.

RRP is AUD599. Seen cheaper if you hunt around.


Screen : 2.7″ LCD Screen
Product Dimensions : 51.6mm x 84.1mm x 31.3mm
Memory Expansion : Class 10/UHS-1/ MicroSD up to 128GB
1 Year

Package Contents
MiVUE860 Unit
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Rear Camera
Rear Camera Connection Cable (5m)
Y-splitter cable
Vehicle Power Adapter
Windshield Mount
User Manual