Most of us would have at least one device that needs charging at the end of the day, usually part way through the day or multiple times in my case. With thanks for Satechi, we get to have a play with the Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad.

Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad

First Impressions

The Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad is exactly what the name says – a wireless charging pad with three separate Qi wireless charging coils.

It is a solidly built pad with a metal frame and a semi-gloss black planform, with just a little forward tilt to angle it towards you. The three charge points are unmistakable – the Apple Watch on the left, Airpod in the middle where there is a depression in the panel, and the iPhone where the rubber annulus keeps the phone just above the panel. A small row of three white LEDs indicates the charging status of each port.

Satechi has included everything required to get started, including the recommended USB-C 24W power adapter and a 1m USB-C cable which goes into the input port on the unit. The AU plug is included and can be interchanged with UK plug which is also provided.

Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad


In Use

While the Satechi Trio is definitely aimed at the Apple market, but at heart it is compatible with other Qi-enabled devices. DRN readers will know that I don’t run on the Apple ecosystem, and Android and other devices are what I will be using the Satechi Trio with.

The technical specifications of the charging ports is as follows:

  • Apple Watch Magnetic Charger (max 2.5W)
  • Qi Charger (max 5W)
  • Qi Charger (max 7.5W)

I don’t have an Apple Watch, or a smart watch for that matter. Mind you though when I was testing the Suunto 9 Baro Titanium, I instantly missed a lot less calls which my boss really appreciated.  The charge pad for the Apple Watch flips up so you have the option to charge it either in the vertical or horizontal position.

What is regularly on my desk are my phones – a Pixel 5 and a Pixel 2XL, and also my Jabra Elite 85t. Two of these are Qi-enabled and it is as simple as putting them on the Trio and let it do it’s job.

The Jabra Elite 85t case is a bit bigger than the depression on the unit, but there are no issues sitting it on top and the charge indicator on both the Jabra and the Satechi lights up to indicate a successful connection.

Similarly I only have to put my Pixel 5 onto the Trio and it starts charging, indicating that it will take 30 minutes to bring my phone battery from 85% to full. The Pixel 5 is rated for up to 12W on wireless charging, so you will find that on the Satechi will take a little longer when it maxes out at 7.5W.

There are some really excellent experiences in using the Satechi Trio. I never have to worry about aligning my phone perfectly for it to find a connection, it just seems to work. Secondly it will concurrently charge multiple devices at the same time.



The Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad works and works well. There are some design decisions I should point out.

It is not a Magsafe device, but it also ensures that it has the widest compatibility range.

The rubber annulus that the phone sits on is an issue if I choose to work on the phone whilst it is charging. It raises the phone off the surface just enough for it to rock with the typing. I suppose with the convenience of wireless charging I can just pick it up, do what I need to do and drop it back down.

Yes I am thinking of getting a smart watch, and I would have dearly love for the Satechi Trio to have a USB port so I can plug in a charge cable for an non-Apple smart watch so I can keep everything together.

Satechi Trio side view



For those people who have not adopted wireless charging yet, it is incredibly convenient to drop your device onto a charging surface and have it pick up juice when not in use. No messing with wires or plugs. It does take a little longer than using a cord but the sheer convenience of getting a regular top up goes to mitigate the longer time required.

The Satechi Trio Wireless Charging Pad goes for an RRP of AUD$199.00 on Amazon and Officeworks. There are some places which have a bit of savings bringing it down to around $150. It is not particularly cheap, but it is a solid, sleek looking unit that really looks at home on my desk.



Compatible Devices: iPhone 12 Pro Max/12 Pro/12 Mini/12, 11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11, XS Max/XS/XR/X/8 Plus/8, AirPods with wireless charging case, AirPods 2, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch Series 6/SE/5/4/3/2/1, Samsung Galaxy S10+/S10/S9+/S9/S8+/S8, and other Qi-enabled smartphones. Supports only Qi-enabled devices. Does not work with phone cases with metal plates or credit cardholders.

Trio Wireless Charging Pad
24W PD Adapter
USB-C Cable (1m)
AU, UK & EU Plug

Connector Type: USB-C

Model number: ST-X3TWCPM
Dimensions: 115W x 220D x 13H mm
Weight: 0.37kg

Charge Speed (Max): iPhone 7.5W, AirPods 5W, Apple Watch 2.5W