We are constantly on the lookout for products that help to reduce our power bills. No prizes for guessing that heating your home is the biggest chunk of your electricity use.

The Warmset Foot Mat Heater can help significantly when you need a small space to be warm and cosy without feeling guilty about the costs. Running costs are the same as one of those old 100W bulbs that used to light up your room: you can run it 10 hours for less than 30 cents!

So, does it replace your other options, like oil heaters, fan heaters and the like? Well, no.

However, find out below how good this Italian product is and why we recommend it highly.

No Roast or Toast so Why Boast?

Let’s start by saying that “Warmset Foot Mat Heater” is a mouthful, even if it is very descriptive.

Note: the name is not Warmest…. because it isn’t the warmest type of room heating.
It really is Personal Space heating and, if you’re like me, having cold feet makes my whole body uncomfortable. So it’s a good idea to get your feet warm through this 75 x 50cm mat.

Starting it up is simple: plug it in, press the rounded foot switch which lights up to indicate it’s heating and voila! Or maybe in Italian: Ecco!

It takes a minute or so to feel the warmth through your shoes and quite a bit longer to feel the room getting warmer but remember: it’s not a room heater. As such it may not replace any other heating appliances you might have in your rooms and that’s OK.

With most room heaters going through energy consumption at between 1000-3000 Watt and often circulating the air with inbuilt fans, there’s no comparison. The Warmset Foot Mat Heater would do a perfect job when you’re stuck in your home office for hours on end without much exercise.

And if you leave it on for hours on end you will certainly feel the room getting warmer without toasting or roasting your feet.

If your job requires you to stand for hours in a cold space you can just take the mat with you. Or get your boss to supply you with one.

Another group of enthusiastic users of the Warmset Foot Mat Heater would be anyone sitting in front of the TV and when it is not cold enough to warrant switching on the inverter. Or an older person sitting in their favourite chair, all rugged up. They’d love this kind of safe and cheap personal space heating!

In fact, if you’re looking for a very different but ideal present for your folks or your significant other, the Warmset Foot Mat Heater might be the ticket.
It’s not even expensive at AUD$149 from our friends at Reduction Revolution.
The Warmset units are made exclusively for them in Italy, and, yes, they do look stylish as well.

The top layer is a neutral grey looking quality fabric and the non-slip PVC base protects your floor.
Just have look at the way the Warmset is constructed.


Warmset Foot Warmer Mat Heater - Construction Method

And here we see a thermal image view of the heating elements (it looks quite sizzling but the maximum temperature is limited to 60 degrees)


In our testing the Warmset Foot Mat Heater works as advertised.
It’s easy to use, safe and very economical. It does take some time before a small room will be heated up but, again, that’s not what it is for. Personal space heating at its best.

One thing we observed when we first started to use the Warmset: there was a distinct, almost acidic smell emanating from the mat.
We contacted Reduction Revolution and they were aware of this as well.
The Italian manufacturer confirmed that this initial smell comes from the glue used to secure components in the mat. It should disappear over time.

We had to wait quite a while before our review unit became available because of the international shipping hassles that are impacting businesses worldwide.
But the Warmset container load finally did arrive in Oz and stocks are plentiful again. Check it out here: Reduction Revolution

Even with the warm season in front of us, there are plenty of cold mornings or rainy days when this mat heater will be very useful. The radiant and conductive heat – right where you need it most – is probably the most comfortable type of heating there is.

Highly recommended!