Part I: Proporta Alu-Leather Case

Proporta Case with boxUnquestionably the HD2 is the most glorious phone I’ve owned so far. Not the best when it comes to reception on Telstra’s NextG network but for all other purposes just about ideal.

So, the next logical step it to accessorise it with some basic stuff and, courtesy of our UK friends at Proporta and Clove Technology, we hope to bring you the following accessories: two different cases to protect the HD2, a capacitive stylus and a charging cradle for your desk. We’ll do these mini-reviews in a few instalments as not all the items were available at the same time.

First up the Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather Case (HTC HD2).

The HD2 is virtually indestructible they say, just like the Nokia N95 which is also eminently pocketable… Remember that video of the guy trying to scratch that beautiful glass? And yet, my gut instinct says to cover it up before anything untoward happens. I carry my phone mostly in my shirt pocket but it can slide out easily as well….

We’ve always been fans of the Piel Frama luxury leather cases but they are very expensive and add a fair bit of bulk to the phone. Here’s a lookalike case made from leather and an aluminium lining to protect the glass. I would never have thought of that combination but it makes a lot of sense. I have had a totally aluminium case for my old iPAQ 4700 (talk about an indestructible pocketpc – inside or outside a case!).

But here the aluminium plate is nicely hidden and only the etched Proporta logo is visible.

The inside leather lining is cream. Not my first choice as an all black case would have looked better. When closed only a thin white line is visible though. The closing strap features a magnetic latch, not one you have to press hard to close. You might have to move the strap around to make it close properly as there’s a bit of slack there. Sliding the phone in is not too hard but it sits snug enough not to slide out inadvertently and there’s also a small plastic lug on the bottom to prevent this.

Proporta Case openTwo great side benefits of this type of case:

*   The phone lies totally flat on the desk and doesn’t wobble anymore because of that ridiculously protruding camera lens and the slightly curved back of the HD2.

*   The hideously sharp (?!?) edges of that camera lens are now not able to scratch the surface of any desk you put it on.

All in all a great looking case from Proporta, sensibly priced at GBP29.95 (roughly USD45) and it does protect the HD2 perfectly. Your HTC has now become a flip phone…

Highly recommended and rating it 9 out of 10.

Proporta Case closed