In this article we’re putting some power banks from EFM through their paces.

The wireless ones are Qi certified, meaning iPhones and Samsungs with wireless capabilities play nicely with these.

We’ve had a love/hate relationship with power banks for many years. When our Nokias could still run for a whole week we already reviewed fuel tanks and power skins and the like. Our devices are forever running out of juice which can be very inconvenient or even disastrous in these times.
Today’s best smartphones struggle to make it through the day with normal use, let alone if your work depends on them.
So what are the best alternatives to combat anxiety about endurance for our electronic companions?

Power banks are probably top of the list as these external batteries carry enough juice to top up multiple devices many times.
Their capacities are expressed in mAh.

The first one on our test bed is the EFM Wireless Power Bank with Desktop Stand, rated at 5000mAh.




The main benefit is wireless charging so no cable fuss for recharging most modern phones. There are always the cabled options though for other devices and in this case we have a type C USB in addition to the 2.4A USB output port.
The charm of this device is its compact, lightweight form.

Compared to a typical smartphone battery of around 3000mAh, you should be able to go easily 2 days on your phone with this very compact unit.

Downside of course that it has the smallest capacity of them all. However, if your long workday calls for a refuel of your phone, this might be the best one. Charging it up is as easy as putting it in the desktop stand. The phone will be charged simultaneous with the power bank. And having it in the stand means it’s always fuelled up, ready to go.

Couple of things to note: EFM, being an Aussie company, doesn’t sell any cheap knock-offs. This one sells for AUD129.95 but comes with a 5 year replacement warranty. If they put that much trust in their products, our confidence in these power banks is well deserved. Also because their units have Device Sensing Technology so dangerous overcharging is a thing of the past. Yet with 10 Watts output power, this wireless Power Bank allows you to charge up-to 1.4 times faster than the standard 5 Watt wireless chargers.

Have a look here for more info. 

Exhibit #2: Double the Power and Twice the Elegance- The Rose Gold 10,000mAh EFDM Power Bank


Rose gold is a favourite colour option with the ladies these days. A perfect companion for my daughter’s Xperia and the colour match is pretty close. It’s a slippery unit: matt metal with gloss sides. Technology is the same for this one but it does not have the wireless charging capability.

Two USB ports are putting out 2.4Amps and 1Amp respectively. Fortunately they are clearly marked as the ports are physically the same. A micro USB cable is supplied for charging the unit and the same can be used for juicing up your phone. Nice detail: the short 25cm cable has gold plated plugs…


Of course you want to know the size and weight, right? Just like a baby announcement would not be complete without those vital statistics, eh? Well, it’s slightly bigger than my Samsung S8. To be precise: 155x75x12mm and weighs just 235g.And that gives you between 3 to 5 times to replenish your empty phone or tablet battery.

Easy on the eyes and easy on the wallet. Only AUD79.95 here

And Lastly: The EFM Magnetic Wireless Car Mount & Desktop Stand


EFM6Ah, a vent mount with the option of making it a dash or desktop mount.
I’ve had some unhappy memories with vent mounts in earlier years that did not want to stay in place. Not so with this one. It stays put but it also depends a bit on where you attach it. If mounted too high or too low the vent louvres turn down because of the weight.

Another issue can be the size of the metal ring which goes on the back of your phone. Or in/on your case. I have a slimline S8 with the Samsung flip cover case. The ring is actually 3 or 4 mm too big to fit comfortably. But it does work and gives a stable connection.
And once the ring is in place it’ll be the easiest way to put your phone on a mount.
The fact that it is wireless makes it even handier.

Output is 10W with fast charging. It would have been handy if a 12V USB cigarette lighter plug had been included in the package so that you’re sure of the optimal match for the power.

In practice it all works as advertised. This vent mount is rock stable and if you depend on your phone for navigation you know how quickly those apps can suck the life out of your phone. Not to mention the constant search for towers that drains the battery…
The EFM vent mount can keep up with this demand quite easily so that you can arrive at your destination with a fully charged phone.

This mount is just a nickel shy of a 100 buckaroos and you can buy it here



In reviews past I have mentioned that power banks ideally should also incorporate an emergency LED light, similar to the flashlight on your phone. It would be another useful feature for when the mains power goes down…

That being said, it’s great to see a Western Australian company with such a wide range of essential products for our modern electronic lifestyle. We like it that not only are they producing excellent and stylish gear but also back them with 2 years warranty and in some cases even 5 year replacement warranty.

Einstein said it was all about energy, right?
E= FM or something like that… Well, the folks at EFM have taken that formula to heart and modified it so that we can keep supplying energy to our electronic companions!

We hope to be doing a follow-up early in the new year with more power banks from the EFM stable.