Lumaray FL6With the abundant number of flashlights available on the market, sometimes randomly grabbing one off the shelf is good enough for most people.  On the other hand, there are those that are a bit more picky and want the flashlight that is brighter, lasts longer, and is unique.  In this category, we’re not talking about the cheap $10-20 dollar ones.  Usually the cost for these kinds of flashlights is a bit more expensive…usually $50 and above.  Today, I had the chance to look at the Lumaray FL6 flashlight.  It is a unique flashlight that does more than just shining light.  Let’s find out in the review.

We’re Just Talking About LED’s.

Flashlights come in a wide variety in terms of the source of the light.  For the purpose of this review, I’m splitting them into two categories: one that uses bulbs, and one that uses LEDs.  LEDs are starting to become the norm for flashlights.  The reason is because LEDs consume much less energy and when bundled together, can produce a reasonable amount of light.  When it comes to flashlights, we want them to have the longest battery life possible while maintaining its brightness over time.

The FL6 came in a unique prism like box.   The one in my box was black.  They come in other colors such as yellow, dark gray, and white.

A Closer Look

When looking at the flashlight for the first time, it definitely looks different than your conventional flashlight.  In fact, this flashlight looks a bit futuristic in the sense that it could look like the handle of a Lightsaber or something out of Star Trek.  The flashlight might look a bit “ugly” at first to some people, but the look and feel of the design begins to grow on you and you eventually begin to like it.

The handle of the flashlight has large round pits that provide an excellent grip when holding it in your hands.  While there is no rubber handle, the flashlight still feels solid in your hand.

Lumaray FL6 Lumaray FL6The product name FL6 refers to the use of 6 white LEDs.  If you were to put 6 normal LEDs together, it wouldn’t seem very bright.  When you couple that multiple lenses in the flashlight, you have a seriously bright flashlight.  At the head of the flashlight, you can see the large clear lenses of the six LEDs.

Lumaray FL6 Lumaray FL6Putting in the Batteries

The flashlight requires three “C” cell batteries (not included).  Lumaray created one of the best battery loading mechanisms I have ever seen for a flashlight.  The cantilever style mechanism makes it simple to install new batteries.  Surprisingly, some battery installation methods of flashlights eventually affect the functionality of the flashlight.  For instance, have you ever had a battery compartment of a product fall off or not seal tight?  With the Lumaray FL6, there’s no need to worry about the integrity of the product when installing or replacing batteries.

How about when removing batteries?  Are you familiar with those flashlights where the batteries quickly slide out once you open up the battery cover?  Again, with this product, there’s no need to worry about that.  When turning the flashlight upside down, the batteries come out slowly so you can easily remove one battery at a time.

Lumaray FL6 Lumaray FL6Lighting

When you turn on the flashlight by twisting the head, you will immediately notice the difference in the lighting.  A typical beam looks a bit spread out.  With the FL6, you will notice that the beam creates a near perfect circle with very little “bleeding” around the edges.  I have found that this type of beam makes it much easier to see things in the dark and makes the focus of attention brighter.

For an LED flashlight, this flashlight is very bright. I was surprised at how bright the LEDs light were.  The picture gives you a sense of the overall brightness of the light and a view of the spot.

Lumaray FL6 When you turn off the flashlight, you will notice the head of the flashlight glow green.  This allows you to find the flashlight easily if you are working in low light conditions.  The glow will last long enough so you can find the flashlight again if you put it down after a while.

Lumaray FL6 Conclusion

The Lumaray FL6 will make a great gift for practically anyone or for someone who is an enthusiast of flashlights.  The Lumaray FL6 demonstrates the level of the quality and operation that any other flashlight should have.  Other than being a flashlight, the long list of minor features aren’t exactly groundbreaking.  But as a whole, you will appreciate the attention to detail that the features add as a whole.  The FL6 is  currently being offered on Lumaray’s website for the price of $69.95 which won’t be an issue if you’re looking for a quality flashlight.  Lumaray also offers the FL12 which has 12 LEDs.