Mounted DCS8302LHLet’s be honest, we all love to see what is happening in the world around us, whether it is for a sense of security to make sure the car is still in the driveway, checking on the kids playing out the back or wanting to see who is at our front door. The reality is this is usually an expensive and a complex process and something we would normally leave to the professionals.

Well D-Link have brought out the weather a resistant Pro Wi-fi camera the DCS-8302LH a True Full HD 1080p resolution at 30 fps with 135-degree FOV camera that has made the home security camera simple and easy for the everyday Joe to use and install.


D-Link have carried on the simplicity of installation with this model, using the Mydlink app and the DCS-8302LH built in Bluetooth for a very easy setup. Simply turn on the camera open the Mydlink app and add the new device, bam you are good to go. You can also simply scan the barcode that comes with the device and follow the steps making this setup able to be performed by even the most non-technical savvy person. The Mydlink app has many additional features including the simple smart Bluetooth setup, and gives you the ability to control and customise multiple D-Link devices giving you one point of management. Good stuff D-Link.


Similar to its siblings in the new D-Link security camera range it is packed with many of the same features. With smart AI based human detection intelligence that identifies human motion that eliminates the annoying false positives. Those swaying trees and neighbourhood dogs will no longer be a problem. You do have the option however to select between “Human” or “Motion” detection and as it comes with IR night vision, you can still capture your neighbourhood cats prowling around at night.

The DCS-8302LH comes with built in microphone and a 95 dB speaker allowing you to hear everything that is happening within earshot of the camera but best of all gives you the ability to communicate to those that you are viewing. I found this feature quite useful as I was able to communicate with visitors and deterred the neighbour’s dog even when I was not at home. The DCS-8302LH is also equipped with built in siren that can be automatically activated upon detection, it will definitely startle an intruder but not loud enough to wake the whole neighbourhood.


Push notifications are sent through the Mydlink app, allowing you to see what your camera has detected, activate the siren or call your preferred contact directly from the notification could not be any easier.


The DCS-8302LH supports cloud / MicroSD (max. 256 GB) / phone and ONVIF Profile S recording giving you plenty of option to store your footage.

Continuing with the smart home presence, you can use Alexa and the Google Assistant with voice controls to stream live video from your Camera to Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot or Google Chromecast.


Unfortunately, this camera does not support inverted installation, which limits the ability of mounting to roof\ceiling.


An overall good performer with great video and audio quality, extremely simple setup and central management ability. This camera is great for those that want to add one or 2 cameras to the home or office, and not after the expensive and complex security camera systems.

With a price tag of only $199.95 I give DCS-8302LH camera the thumbs up, highly recommended.

682 DCS 8302LH front 1000x1000



• True Full HD 1080p resolution at 30 fps with 135-degree FOV so you never miss a thing
• IR night vision up to 5m lets you see what’s happening even in total darkness
• AI-based person detection intelligently identifies human motion
• Enhanced sound and motion detection add new lines of defence to your home surveillance
• Weather resistant for outdoor installation
• Two-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker lets you hear and be heard
• Built-in 95 dB speaker with siren function wards off intruders and alerts you to a detection
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity options
• Built-in Bluetooth Low Energy technology for faster setup
• Supports cloud / microSD (max. 256 GB) / phone and ONVIF Profile S recording
• Supports the latest WPA3™ encryption
• Wall/Ceiling mountable (hardware included)
• Works with the Google Assistant and Alexa