The R15 Smart Router is a serious contender for the home market.

Excellent connectivity, optimised range and security, along with wi-fi 6, ensures the R15 provides everything you need to create the perfect home network. 



Dual-band AX1500 Wi-Fi 6 delivers blazing fast connectivity with increased range and reliability

Up to 1201Mbps (5GHz) and 300Mbps (2.4GHz) speeds

AI-based Mesh capability with compatible AI Wi-Fi Extender or Mesh Systems

AI-based Wi-Fi and Traffic Optimiser monitors and improves your network automatically

Supports WPA, WPA2, and the latest WPA3 Wi-Fi Security

Clean Network Initiative compliant for security and privacy

Voice control compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Eagles are impressive creatures. Their eyesight is second to none with over 1 million cones per mm2 on its retina and the ability to see up to 3kms away. I’m therefore expecting some decent range out of the R15. Is the R15 everything today’s household needs to cater for families and their respective needs? Let’s dig a little deeper.


Next-Gen Wi-Fi 6 & AI Assistance

D-Link spruik the R15 as offering impressive Wi-Fi coverage and speed which is constantly fine tuning its performance and adjusting accordingly.  Add to this the AI, and you are assured fast internet coverage with immediate assistance if required.

In the interest of research, I duly set up Google play and had a chat to the AI to see what improvements or views it had on the router subject. It was helpful and confirmed set up specs were accurate. This is handy as I always forget the modified router password despite writing it down in multiple places.  And despite my supposed adulthood, asking Google ‘What does the fox say’ still provokes a giggle or two. But I digress.


I live in regional NSW and we still have the old telephone plug for our wifi router and copper wires. I know… archaic. So I was interested to see how the R15 performed in our 120 year old home with blind reception areas.

I wasn’t disappointed. My current router is mostly up to the task but the R15 definitely performed better than I expected. Strong reception in every part of the house, even with our heavy old doors closed, was welcomed by the whole family.  I work in a small area at the front of the house and was very pleased to discover I did not need my wifi extender in the room. Bonus points!

Connectivity across multiple devices was strong from the R15 and there was silence from those who shall not be disturbed as they went about their multi-tasking. Trust me, the slightest bit of lag and I would have heard about it.


D-Link have upped their game in the R15 through the use of bi-directional MU-MIMO technology: more users, faster data rates. The Wi-Fi 6 beamforming extends Wi-Fi 6 coverage and the R15 provides an optimal experience for every device and everyone. YouTube, websites, smart device and tv apps – it was a seamless and simultaneously optimal experience for everyone and everything.


The capacity to connect up to x3 wired devices through the Gigabit LAN ports is certain a compelling reason to consider the R15.  The speed was blistering and the slated up to 10x faster than standard Fast Ethernet was certainly noticeable. Living in regional NSW doesn’t exactly lend itself to the fastest internet around, but I certainly noticed a welcome improvement in my connected devices. And again, no children whimpering woefully as their game slowly buffers in the distance!


Consider adding E15 Wi-Fi Extenders if you’ve a backyard patio, garden studio or even a two story home. By creating your own Smart Mesh Network you gain the capacity to move seamlessly between parts of your home, eliminate blackspots and maintain connectivity without worry.

Smart Mesh Systems enable high speed, seamless internet access with blanket coverage of your entire home.  The E15 is your gateway to this superb coverage as you create your own connectivity bubble. Your home, your way.


Let’s be realistic – security is always a concern with any router. Maybe not so much where I live but in the city and more built up areas, most definitely. So you’ll be pleased to see the addition of advanced WPA3 Wi-Fi security stands offering traffic encryption and protection from outside threats.  WPA3 offers very tight security protocols, with verification of device connections and QR code options to protect your home network from attacks.


Set up individual profiles to control/restrict access based on your family requirements.  The R15 helps you to set healthy access boundaries which in turn will enable your child’s safety online.  The R15 enables family friendly controls that protect and respect your needs. That’s a winner in my books.


Full control via the app enables you to identify connect devices, login credential, etc. Knowing who is connected is crucial to maintain your security and the R15 has your back.  Create schedules and prioritise your QoS per device – the power is at your fingertips.

The App is easily downloaded and installed. I found it very intuitive and initial set up was simple.  I was impressed with the capacity to set guest logins to the internet thus keeping your local network safe. Not only will help prevent security issues, it also helps to keep out intruders and spyware. So the likelihood of finding Barry from over the back using your amazing WiFi 6 is extremely unlikely. Buy your own, Barry!


D-Link have an extensive list of specs for the R15:


The R15 is a worthwhile contender for home networking. The expandability offers immense scope to larger households, those working from home or in their back yard studios. The AI features, connectability and ease of use ensure you and your household have complete Wi-Fi 6 coverage at optimum speed.   I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to trial the R15 and believe it is definitely one to consider if you’re in the market for a smart router.

With an RRP of $199 at D-Link and other reputable sellers, the R15 sets the standard for home networking excellence. Check out D-Link for further information:

Thank you D-Link for the opportunity to trial the R15.