Nanoleaf’s Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Starter Kit provide a sleek and stylish edge to any home or office.  Multiple colour themes and Rhythm Music Visualizer give a whole new dimension to your wall space.  Creating mood lighting to match any decor or emotion has never been easier.



The triangular ultra black panels have a 360º black finish. I really like the matte black look.   A quick glance at the enclosed accessories and I was able to figure out pretty quickly what needed to go where. Regardless, I still read the instructions which were very simple and easy to follow.


  • Ultra Black Triangle Shapes Panels x 9
  • Ultra Black Controller x 1
  • 42W Ultra Black Power Supply
  • Ultra Black Mounting Plates
  • Mounting Tape
  • Ultra Black Rigid Linkers


It was fun setting up the design aspect. Nanoleaf have provided an in app tool for this and it is very handy for orientating and deciding what goes where and how.  Would I change my design though? Yes because my eclectic *cough* design now disturbs my sense of balance but anyway… lesson learned.

Once I had my design sorted, I placed the mounting tape on the back of the tiles. I then attached a connector to the first Shape, having used the App to work out how my design would flow.  Once the first Shape was up, it was a simple process to connect everything together. Unless you’ve got a good eye, consider using a spirit level for your first Shape. It helps keep everything in alignment as once the Shapes are on, they’re on.

The triangle shape will click off when you go to remove the Shapes. You are left with the small black tab and you then pull the mounting tape until it releases.  This also protects your wall finish. The black tab easily clicks in again when you decide to remount the design.

Click on the link to see how installing the Nanoleaf Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles panned out! Special appearance by Miss Josie Cat.



The Nanoleaf app is extremely well thought out, intuitive and simple to follow. The addition of a Nanoleaf widget for your Home Screen is handy too; I could turn on the lights before I arrived home, change the theme, etc.

The instructions were very simple on how to sync the Ultra Black Triangles to the app. There’s a handy QR code on the power adapter.  But if you’re like me and turned the Ultra Black Shapes on first before you’d even set them up, you’ll need to do a quick reset for pairing purposes. No issue, just push the On and the Up arrow buttons together for five seconds and voila.

The Nanoleaf app gives you a variety of touch options and gestures to customise. You can even play games. It’s a lot of fun and I’m sure you, your friends and family or even colleagues will all enjoy the playful aspect of the Limited Edition Shapes.

Here’s some examples of what you can expect from the app interface. Clear, concise and logical – Nanoleaf really get what a good layout means to their consumers.

Here you can see the capacity to add multiple rooms – I just have the kitchen installed at present.


Once the Shapes are installed, you can create various scenes, save and download new options from Nanoleaf:



In Device settings you can use Touch control to assign gestures to the touch sensitive Shapes:

Assigning the Touch Actions is easy. Alas the Double Tap did not materialise Woody Harrelson…



  • Rhythm Music Visualizer
  • Screen Mirror
  • Touch
  • Schedules

Here’s an example of the Rhythm Music Visualizer in full swing:  Nanoleaf Shapes Music sync examples  Music Credit: “Daughter of the Northern Coast’, Australian Crawl 1982.




The Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Smart Kit works with the below and across all wifi bandwidths. It is also compatible with all Connect+ products like Shapes and Elements (NL42/NL47/NL48/NL52 models).



Want to make your design bigger and better? No problem; you can purchase the Nanoleaf Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Expansion Pack RRP $119.99. Keep in mind the more Shapes you add, the more likely you are to need a larger PSU. Head on over the the Nanoleaf website and check out their handy PSU calculator.  Everything you need to create your design inspiration via the Nanoleaf website is at your fingertips!


I absolutely love the Nanoleaf Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Starter Kit.  They’re a beautiful addition to your home, office or relaxation space. They provide the opportunity to create or download a broad colour palette to suit any colour scheme or mood.  The Rhythm Music Visualisation livens up any room and will have you dancing around your kitchen, office or bedroom in no time.  Even my cat loved them (she didn’t move, okay, that’s a good sign).

Retailing at $369.99 AUD, the panels are available through Nanoleaf and all fine purveyors of smart lighting.  The lighting options are endless and only limited by your imagination and music catalogue!

Thank you very much Nanoleaf for the opportunity to review the Limited Edition Shapes Ultra Black Triangles Smart Lighting product.