The Nanoleaf Matter Lightstrip Starter Kit brings lighting into the future with state of the art illumination in an easily installed and innovative light unit.

Nanoleaf Lightstrips




Matter is a new innovative unifying standard of enabled products which provide interoperability with a variety of home ecosystems.  Matter products will become the universal standard, enabling everyone to have products which work on a level playing field regardless of company of origin. Every aspect of our lives will be transformed as all products become Matter compatible – think of it as everyone speaking the same language.



The Matter Lightstrip comes in two lengths – 2 m and 5m.  I’m working with the 2m length, but rest assured the only difference between the two is the length of the Matter Lightstrip.

And bonus points to Nanoleaf because you can join multiple strips together if you require longer lengths. That’s pretty cool and gives you the flexibility to light up all the things.



Nanoleaf efficiently box their products and the Matter Lightstrip is no different. Inside you will find:

  • 2m Matter Lightstrip
  • In-Line Controller
  • 100VAC – 240VAC Power Supply

The instructions are simply accessed through the provided QR code and it is simply a matter of putting together, plug in and you’re ready to go in under 5 minutes.



It was very easy to install the Matter Lightstrip. My aim was to place it directly under my kitchen overhead cupboards in order to have bench top lighting.  I had a couple of test drives as to whether front or back  of the cupboards was better for lighting maximisation; decisions decisions. *bites nails

Next I had to find the middle of the Matter Lightstrip (easy as I could fold it in half without harming the Lightstrip components).  Once this was done, it was simply a matter of peeling off the red protective plastic strip and sticking it to the underside of the cupboards.  All went well, but I then realised, upon turning the lighting up to 100%, I could have performed brain surgery under the ensuing illumination!

Peeling off again, I stuck the strip further back under the cupboards. I admit to worrying it wouldn’t stick (by this stage it was the third time I’d repositioned) but honestly, once firm pressure was applied I had no trouble. And a month later, it hasn’t moved or fallen.



The controller gives you the option of turning the Matter Lightstrip on or off, plus cycling through a variety of colour ways. Ensure you have a power point close by, and you can handily stick the controller wherever you like thanks to the 3M stickers on the back.  Just remember to leave enough of a gap to join the controller to the Matter Lightstrip and you’re good to go.  For more detailed scene selections, use the Nanoleaf App.


  • The Matter Lightstrip has a Circadian Lighting program on the App, enabling you to set your lights according to timezone and seasons.  The bright lights during the day naturally move to a more calming blue light at night, enabling you to relax and ready yourself for bed each evening.
  • Schedule your lighting by auto turning your lights on and off through your preferred home ecosystem.
  • The Matter Lightstrip is also trimmable. There are markings and instructions on how to successfully cut the length according to your needs.
  • I really liked the flexibility of the lightstrip – you can literally wrap it around corners and curl it up if it suits you. You can see how flexible the Matter Lightstrip is in the photo below.



The  Matter Lightstrip is controlled either on the installed controller, or for a variety of options, download the app for some great usability.  If you have a few other Nanoleaf products, the ability to sync your entire household lighting at the touch of a button is difficult to resist.  And once you start…*wry look

Here’s a brief video showing how to use  the Nanoleaf app with the Matter Lightship installed. As you can see there’s a variety of easily understood functions and you’ll soon work out which setting is your favourite and flag it accordingly.


Having almost finished renovating our kitchen, I was ] eager to install some form of lighting which would fit in with the minimalist style.  The Matter Lightstrip gave me the exact lighting I was after and the ability to choose options according to needs.

Ideally recessing the Matter Lightstrip would have given more of a subtle glow, but this wasn’t possible due to the overhead cupboard positioning. But it is certainly something you could consider when planning your installation and your chosen cupboard or furniture configuration. Here’s a sample of the varied kitchen lighting available during day time and night.  So many choices and scenes you can download – it’s quite fun!





Retailing for $89.99 from Nanoleaf and all good lighting stockists, the Nanoleaf Matter Lightstrip Starter Kit is highly recommended.  Easy to install, set up and use, you’ll love the adaptability of this excellent lighting product.  And I guarantee you won’t stop at one Matter Lightstrip, finding ways to incorporate this versatile lighting product into your everyday life.

Thank you Nanoleaft for the opportunity to review the Nanoleaf Matter Lightstrip Starter Kit.