I may draw some comments with this, my first statement on the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (That’s a mouthful!) but it was my genuine initial impressions – the thing’s built like a tank! Albeit a sleek, well-lit tank… I unboxed this keyboard along with my 13y/o wanna-be gamer, and we both agreed that it felt solid out of the box.

We chose the ‘Linear’ version of the 915, with ‘Tactile’ and ‘Clicky’ being the other two mechanical keyboard options, linear is one smooth press, tactile is a little finger feedback and clicky is.. well.. clicky! As this was to be the keyboard of choice for my small person, we discussed the pros and cons of all three and he decided Linear was best for him, and that clicky might drive me mad if it’s too noisy – good boy. The high performance low-profile GL mechanical switches are said to provide all the speed, accuracy, and performance of traditional switches—at half the height. Mr. 13 only has his laptop keyboard as a comparison (and a little time on my Logi MX Keys and Keys Mini, my personal keyboards of choice! I ain’t no gamer.) and after a few weeks of actual use is very happy with the feel of the keyboard. If you get a chance to try the different switches in person, do, they’re all quite unique in their feel.

GL Clicky – audible click and tactile feedback
GL Tactile – a gentle bump for some tactile feedback
GL Linear – a completely smooth keystroke


Going into a keyboard review that was specifically settled upon to help with his gaming time, he asked for something that had ‘no lag’ and something that he could see when the lights were dim in the study, the Logi seemed to be the best option with its feature-set. The no-lag thing has been a dream for wireless input device users for some time, only recently with technology like the ‘Lightspeed’ wireless tech in devices like the 915, are you able to achieve closer to the claimed 1ms response times – apparently you need the fastest keyboard ever for Fortnight… And he’s been very happy with this unit.

This is what Logitech say about their Lightspeed technology, “G915 features pro-grade LIGHTSPEED wireless that achieves super-fast 1 ms performance. It’s the same wireless technology that esports pros all over the world trust in competitions. G915 is also fully functional when plugged in via USB, so you can charge and play simultaneously” All we deduced, and what most people will want to know is “Is it fast enough?” – Absolutely yes. Super speedy.

I think something else that was playing on my mind was durability. You take a semi-heavy handed teen and a shoot-em-up game and at some point someone’s going to bash the keyboard in frustration! Well, we’ve talked through that it’s just a game, but he’s certainly accidentally knocked the keyboard to the floor and I caught the dog walking on it the other day, too! The solid chassis and the enduring mechanical keys make for a sturdy unit – it gets the tick of approval from me! (It’s still in one piece)

The lighting on the G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is pretty amazing! Each key is RGB colour programmable, so you can literally go wild and make each key a different colour – I mean, if you were really bored one night, that might be a fun way to pass the time, but you can have presets and use different lighting for different games / scenarios, my 13yo is VERY impressed with its ability! As well as the colourability (is that a word?) You have a set of ‘G’ keys that you can use for various applications and macro functions through the G Hub software. There are also hardware controls on the keyboard for volume, play/pause/skip and mute which is quite handy!

We didn’t do scientific ping tests or indeed battery life tests, but we’ve been using it for a few weeks now and have only charged it a handful of times! The battery life, (rated at 30 hrs) for a large well-lit keyboard is quite something! You can also fully recharge in about 3 hours, and you can use the keyboard while it’s charging.


Included in the box is;

  • G915 LIGHTSPEED wireless mechanical keyboard
  • LIGHTSPEED USB receiver
  • USB extender
  • Micro-USB cable
  • User documentation

The G915 LIGHTSPEED Wireless RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a pretty amazing unit, to be fair it’s also quite expensive compared to other offerings, but it is very well built, fully featured and a pleasure to use! Both my 13yo and I give the G915 five stars out of a possible five stars – the only thing I’d like to see is unified USB-C connectivity across the Logi suite, and to be fair I guess they’re getting there! My MX Keys / Master / Mini are all USB-C, so maybe that’s where the expectation has come from.

Yes this one gets our first Pulse Award for 2023. Well done!

DRN Pulse Award