Thermaltake WingMA CaseThe Thermaltake WingMA is a bit of a departure from Thermaltake’s typical gaming and enthusiast cases, but this case is meant to appeal to a more general and wider audience. With its simple construction, and stylish smaller design, this is a great product for a budget PC.

Small, but stylish.  These are the words to effectively describe this budget case from Thermaltake.  In fact, you can easily make those with those huge towers feel a bit jealous.  Once you have a look at this case, the small size and simplicity of the case will make you instantly fall in love with its smaller footprint.  Being small is its main attraction, but if have a full size ATX motherboard or need to use a large CPU cooler, you might have to look elsewhere.

Thermaltake WingMA Case


Design and Features

As a budget chassis, the Wing MA delivers enough to allow you to build your budget machine.  At first glance, one might think that the chassis looks like the typical retail PC with a plain front.  But upon closer inspection, you will see that the unique visual design elements tell you this is not one of those.

Thermaltake WingMA CaseThere are three large bays ideal for CD/DVD Rom drives and two smaller bays for things like a floppy disk or multimedia card reader.  At the front are 2 accessible USB ports and 2 audio ports as well. The grill-like panels on the bays give the chassis a well constructed look and the ventilation at the front bottom of the case complement it.  The power button is located right in the center of the case.  There are the usual power and hard drive activity LEDs as well.

While this case may not be the flashiest, you know this case is well constructed.  When picking up the case, it felt solid, secure, and tight.

Opening the case is just a matter of removing two thumbscrews in the back of the  case.  There are 5 expansion PCIslots and you will most likely have to remove the existing motherboard IO panel to use your own.  A single fan is included and is attached to the back of the case to expel air, but I would have liked to see at  least one more fan in the front of the case to at least complete the cooling cycle. The only other thing missing is power supply, so you will be required to use your as well.

Thermaltake WingMA CaseOnce your inside the case, a simple frame holds all your drives.  You will need to screw in your drives on both sides of the case using the provided holes.


Thermaltake WingMA Case I think the small size and simple design is the main attraction.  This is great  for those looking for a very small footprint as a desktop PC sitting on their desk. I’m sure many will notice how small it is compared with your typical mid-tower PC.

This case is small and simple.  This budget case can be easily found online for less than $50 making this case a bargain.  Many will appreciate the small size of this  case.  If this case could accommodate a full size ATX case and be able to fit a larger CPU cooler, this would really be something.  But at the price, we can’t expect too much from this. 

-small size
-simple, elegant design
-very inexpensive
-Thermaltake quality

-only fits micro ATX motherboard
-only one rear fan included
-cannot fit larger CPU heatsink

We rate this unit at 8 out of 10.