The NRGVAULT Portable Power Station PV500 caters to all of your home and travel needs.  Whether you’re camping, experience an electrical outage or simply supplementing your everyday energy requirements, the PV500 is a safe and reliable option for power on the go.

I’m quite interested in the variety of power sources and renewable options now available and how these are utilised in the home, work and on the road. So the opportunity to review the NRGVAULT Portable Power Station PV500 was one I couldn’t pass up. Having used a similar unit travelling around Australia last year, I was keen to compare and see whether the unit would run the portable fridge and charge all the things. So did it? Let’s find out.



Great to see recyclable cardboard used for packing the unit. Inside it’s simply the NRGVAULT Portable Power Station PV500, the 240v adapter and instructions.



LifePO4 Batteries are what makes this battery different from the rest. Lasting up to 5 x longer than Lithium ion batteries, LifePO4 batteries can be dropped, crushed or even pierced and the batteries will remain safe. Let’s face it, things do go wrong no matter how careful you are, so it’s great to know the unit will remain safe regardless of what life throws at it.  In the same breath, we don’t recommend getting your PV500 wet… it is after all an electrical unit.

As for life cycles, how does a very respectable 2500 sound? And yes, you can discharge to 0% with no ill effects. Remember to recharge the PV500 every 3 months in standby time.

Storing your battery when not in use is simple; keep it in a dry place preferably between 0-25 degrees and charge it every six months.


The PV500 is very straightforward. Plug in for a 240v charge, use your car 12v or solar charge if you’re off grid.  The multitude of ports means you can do such things as run the PV500 via your 12v car plug whilst running your portable fridge off the PV500; and yes, charging your mobile or laptop simultaneously.

Charging your devices using the Pv500 is equally simple. There’s one USB-A and two USB-C ports putting out a respectable PD100w.

The PV500 supports Rapid Solar MPPT charging which is up to 30% more efficient.  If you’re after compatible solar panels and connectors, NRG have you covered, providing a range of accessories to help maximise your charging options.  No hassles!

From mobile phones, rechargeable camp lights or even your laptop and camera batteries, the PV500 provides a steady pure sine wave to get your devices/appliances charged in no time.  The sine wave technology means your sensitive devices and appliances are in good hands with no distortion to power delivery.



But how did the PV500 go with real world use? At the risk of sounding cliched, I’ve put it through its paces. I can honestly state the NRGVAULT Portable Power Station is a great mobile power alternative.

The 2 x 240v port options are a welcome addition. My own other brand unit does not have the 240v plugs and now I kind of wish it did. *sobs quietly and looks forlornly at my blow dryer and curler…

The 3W LED torch on the back is very handy, especially when you’re setting up in the dark or simply need some lighting to dispel the gloom.

The PV500 is user friendly – you honestly cannot go wrong and even if you’re a bit confused, the instructions are straight forward and in plain English. Head online to get further instructions with some very hand Frequently Asked Questions answered clearly.

The cooling fan is super quiet. Initially when (and if) it kicks in, you’ll wonder what the little gentle sound might be; it simply means your PV500 is doing its job.



Now look away guys, this next point is for those women who say they can’t possibly camp or travel without their hair care appliances. YES YOU CAN! Finally you can use your universal amperage blow dryer, straightener or curling wand in the middle of the scrub! There’s no excuse now for not joining your loved one of that camping or destination driving trip – you can still look great without compromising your beauty standards. Below you can see I’ve plugged in the GHD Wave and it was hot within normal time frames.  It didn’t suck the energy out either, so when someone tells you you’re using all the power up, guess what – you’re not. 🙂


In 2022 my other half and I drove around Australia for six weeks and bought a Lithium ion battery 24/7 as an alternate power source for our portable fridge.  I’m pleased to report the PV500 worked extremely well in comparison.  Here’s a little clip of the initial plug and go moment with our portable fridge: NRG Power Vault PV500

The PV500 quickly brought the fridge down in temp to the desired 3°C.  I put a few cold items in and the PV500 lasted a very respectable three days before the battery required recharging – impressive.  Keep in mind the weather was cooling down, so if you’re travelling or camping in the heat of Australia in summer, obviously time frames will be reduced. And to answer the ultimate question: Will it keep the beer cold? Yes.

NRGVault PV500



I plugged in an iPhone and my MacBook Pro and it charged them all quite happily. This was also whilst connect to the portable fridge. The iPhone’s green battery bar was around 70% which surprised me for the 30 minutes it was on charge (and considering the laptop and fridge were plugged in too). The laptop was a steadier charge gain. I have no doubt it would have fully charged within two hours if I’d left it charging for a longer timeframe.

Look, I admit to walking around the house with my phone plugged in for a quick 100% charge, much to the amusement of my other half.  And yes, he may have called the PV500 a very expensive phone charger! But if you’re experiencing loss of power and need a quick charge and emergency lighting, you will thank your lucky stars the PV500 is at hand.


All tradies would greatly benefit from the PV500 as an everyday back up.   However, for tradies seriously considering a battery of this ilk for heavy duty tool use, I’d recommend the NRGVault PV1500w  RRP $1799.00.  The higher voltage and larger array of ports (ie. 4 x 240v) would cater to more intensive-on-the-job energy needs. The PV1500w can be used inside and outside too, making it an indispensable addition to your tool box.


It’s only minor but I admit to frustration that NRGVAULT used a solar adapter input port and not the standard Anderson port option.  The Lithium battery I own has a straight Anderson port and the solar lead plugs straight in to my Lithium battery.  If you own Anderson solar plug leads and you want to charge the PV500, you’ll need to purchase an adapter in order to connect to your solar adapter input.  Aside from additional expense, albeit minor,  there is some argument for charge leakage due to the length of lead and additional adapters.  But as I mentioned earlier, NRGVAULT do provide the option to purchase solar panels and accessories to alleviate any compatibility issues.





I like the NRGVAULT Portable Power Station PV500 so much, I’ve given it the Editor’s Pulse Award.  The field is tight with expensive portable lithium-based battery products but in this instance, the RRP $599.95 is on point. You can harness mains, car or solar charge, and simultaneously run your electrical appliances, phones, camp lights etc without hassle. The PV500 is honestly a great little unit and, if I didn’t already have a similar lithium battery,  I’d be buying one for myself.  And I still might buy one because why have one power back up option when you can have two?!

I’d like to thank NRGVAULT for the opportunity to review the Portable Power Station. It’s a beauty.


DRN Pulse Award