Apollyon Rising 2012Imagine writing a book that you know will have a lifespan of only two years.  That’s the danger of publishing a book with the date 2012 in the title.  However, it also gives an immediacy for the buying public as we all want to know what’s going to happen in the very near future, rather than decades down the track. 

And so it is with the book Apollyon Rising 2012– The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed by Thomas Horn.  If you think that is a long title, there is also a synopsis on the cover: A Terrifying and Prophetic Cipher Hidden from the World by the US Government for over 200 Years Is Here!

This sounds like the ultimate conspiracy theory in the style of Dan Brown.
there are some disturbing facts that sets it apart in this popular genre.



Readers of this site will know that I have done previous reviews on books with so-called end time scenarios and specifically other books by Thomas Horn.  He is one of the few writers who do their homework very thoroughly, rather than speculating to their hearts content along preconceived ideas.
And he uses the most trusted source book, the Bible, without "hineininterpretierung" of his own ideas.


Okay, so what’s this book about?  The title doesn’t give much away if you don’t know who or what Apollyon is.
It’s not only the name of a mythological god — Apollo — but also of the Destroyer mentioned in the Bible.  The premise of the book is that in these end times the spirit of this god will be rising to help shape the cataclysmic events that will forge this world into a New World Order.  Of course, these things cannot happen without a multitude of secret fraternities and Illuminati groups orchestrating the course of world history.
There was a time when I scoffed at all those conspiracy theories.  I still am very sceptical about most of them but world events, ever accelerating towards this destiny, makes you sit up and wonder.

A lot of ground is covered in this book when it comes to discussing the foundational history of the United States.  There is no denying that Masonic influences were very strong with nearly all of the early presidents being Masons.
This may not be a surprise to most people until you really start digging into what the Masons believe and how the design of the capital city, Washington DC, was laid out according to Masonic principles.

Coincidentally I was watching an episode in a series about John Adams, America’s third president, on Australian TV last night.  It’s fascinating to see how America’s early history came about and the powers at play.

Horn then continues to speak at length about the symbolism on the Great Seal of the United States which reveals the design for the ultimate destiny of the USA and the timeframe in which this is to happen.
The role of modern science, including biotech developments of the last few years, are also discussed where it comes to bringing about these things.

Apollyon Rising 2012 is very well documented and I’m pretty sure that Tom Horn came up to the physical limitations of writing a paperback book and stopped around the 350 pages, rather than continuing on with several hundreds of pages more to document the evidence.

These are some very difficult issues, and Tom Horn deals with them in a very factual and persuasive manner.  Unlike the books of Dan Brown, after reading this one, you cannot put the book aside and forget about the issues as if it were fiction.  It’s one thing to be well-informed but if it is not followed by concerted action to stay ahead of the deception game, it is not going to benefit us.  This book ends with that call to action.

This book is highly recommended, particularly if you’re NOT a conspiracy theory fan. 

You can get it at www.survivormall.com together with Tom Horn’s other books.  Price is $15.95.