CableClips stackedHot on the heels of the Refresh review, my little box of goodies from Bluelounge included a complete collection of CableClips.  Thanks again Bluelounge for the support!

What are CableClips?
Bluelounge CableClips are a simple cable management tool made in coloured rubber and comes in three sizes.  The cross section of the CableClips are not dissimilar to an I-beam commonly used in building constructions.  The idea is to loop cables around the outside of the CableClip and have it kept untangled in any situation.

In Action

 bundled.jpgThe instructions on the packaging recommend that the cable is looped around your hand or fingers to a convenient size first, then prise open one side of the CableClip and press the cable into the cavity and repeat on the other size.

In practice, I found the CableClip to be too hard to prise open enough to press a bundle of cable in.  Instead I opt to press my wires into the CableClip one at a time while I loop it to the size I want.  It made the process much easier for me and still results in a nice tidy bundle.

The trick is to find a match between the CableClip size for the thickness of the cable you wish to bundle up.

At USD$9.95 per pack, the CableClips are definitely a winner in my camp.  They are available here in small (3 green and 3 dark grey), medium (2 orange and 2 dark grey) and large (1 light grey and 1 dark grey).