Bluelounge RefreshBluelounge has been a generous supporter of  When I received their new catalogue I put my hand up for their new Refresh charging station and they were quick to send us a review unit.


First Impressions
Like all products from Bluelounge, the key element revolves around the simplicity of the design and attention to details.  Essentially the Refresh is a smaller sibling to the Sanctuary that remains one of my most useful and valued gadgets.


The Refresh is marketed as a personal or shared charging station for three or more devices.  In reality it is roughly half the depth of the Sanctuary and just marginally wider.  Noticeably different is the angled rubberised tray that makes it friendlier to a workstation type use, and that the tray is anchored by two small magnets.

The bottom edge of rubberised tray is bevelled to allow charging cables to be fed through freely.  Unused charge ports are easily hidden in the ample space under the tray.

In Action
ConnectorsThe adage of "RTFM" to learn how to use a gadget does not apply to a Bluelounge product.  The unboxing of the Refresh took longer than getting the unit up and running.  I made a special request for an extra micro USB connector to best customise the Refresh to my particular use.


I selected two micro USB connectors and one iDevice charger, replaced the rubberised top tray and it was ready to go.  According to Bluelounge, the cables have some memory which helps them remain in their desired position after about a week of usage.

The Refresh is wide enough to fit three phones side by side.


Dimensions: 241 x 142 x 45 mm (WxDxH) (9.45" x 5.6" x 1.8")
Compatible with 1838 devices (full list on Bluelounge website)
Connectors: 2 x iPod/iPhone, 1 x micro USB, 1 x mini USB, 2 x USB


Refresh OpenUsually for such a simple device, there are very little gripes to note.  In this review, these are not so much gripes as suggestions for improvements.

Firstly I would love to have an USB data port on the Refresh so that I can access the storage on my phone whilst it is charging at something better than the trickle from a standard USB prot.

Secondly the indicator LED is hidden under the tray.  In a scenario where the Refresh is a shared charging device, it would be nice to see with one glance that the unit is actually powered up and ready to go.

Lastly my review unit came with an US adapter, no doubt a situation that would have been avoided with a localised unit.


The Refresh is yet another Bluelounge gadget that genuinely makes a difference to my routine.  It now sits next to my workstation charging my phone and any other devices nearby that is in need of a top up.
As with anything Bluelounge, simplicity and function comes at a price.  The Bluelounge Refresh is available here in Jet Black , Polar White or Fresh Pink for USD$89.95.  Additional short cables are available for USD$5.95 each.

DigitalReviews would like to thank Bluelounge for their on-going support.