BlueLounge SpaceStationStill on the topic of BlueLounge and ways to manage your gadget world, BlueLounge also provided a sample of their SpaceStation for review.  It is, however, not the ISS orbiting over our heads.  BlueLounge describes the SpaceStation as an extended desk organiser for laptop users, and by desk they meant cables and wires vis-a-vis paperclips and pens.



What is the SpaceStation?
Essentially the SpaceStation is a 60 cm long piece of hollow plastic bar that is slightly angled towards the user and fitted with a full length rubber mat.  The rubber mat is for resting a notebook on and is designed to create an ergonomic keyboard angle whilst allowing airflow underneath.  The length of the SpaceStation means the rubber mat extends out beyond the notebook and provides a surface for other items such as a phone or iPod or anything else you want really.

SpaceStation Deployed
SpaceStation dockedThe SpaceStation is simple to use, as is the case with all the BlueLounge products I have had the pleasure to review.  Hidden under the SpaceStation is a four port USB hub and numerous coiling pins to help keep all the cables that usually sprawl across a desk neatly concealed.  The USB hub is optionally powered by an AC adapter and my sample even comes with an Australian adapter!

When the unit is placed on the desk the edges are raised approximately 5 mm above the surface in order for cables to enter or exit at any point.  A rear accessory rail doubles as a business card slot, or in my case, parking infringement notices slot.  A page holder is also provided which can be inserted into any point along the rear accessory rail.

The elevation provided by the SpaceStation offers the notebook keyboard at an ergonomic angle.  There is sufficient space created by the SpaceStation under the notebook to allow passive cooling to work effectively.

622 x 108 x 44.5 mm (LxWxH) (24.5" x 4.25" x 1.75")

SpaceStation under the hood

With such a simple but effective design, there is very little about the SpaceStation to complain about.  However what I would have liked though is for all the internal coiling pins to have a "lip" to help keep cables in place as I find that they have a tendency to uncoil themselves when I move the SpaceStation into position.


BlueLounge SpaceStation is a no frills, minimalist product that is designed to perform one function and does it well – tidy up your workstation.  Tidiness does come at a cost at USD$79.95 or AUD$140 here in either a white or black finish.  However unless you are a disciple of chaos theory, this could change the way you work for the better.  Thanks BlueLounge for the on-going support!