AirFryerShort Summary: Look, Mum: No Oil!

Okay, guys! Let me give you the results first: go get one of these for Mothers’ Day now.
No, scratch that – too late – how about giving your family a hint you want it for Fathers’ Day?
Seriously, this appliance needs a place next to your BBQ to bring a semblance of healthy food to your eating plate…
So what is this AirFryer?


The name indicates that air circulation is part of the process of frying your chips. And your other frozen stuff, like chicken nuggets, pies and pasties. Yep, we’re going for healthy stuff again…

So we’ll keep it short as I know you’ll be reading this on your phone between the commercials during the footy.
Open the AirFryer drawer, empty the chips bag in the tray (it says it will hold 4 serves but not when you make the meal, right?). Set the temp dial to max and the time dial to 20 or so, and 3 commercial breaks later you’ve got a bowl of golden-brown fried chips without having used any oil! That’s gotta be healthy…

Priced around the 300 bucks you’ll love this one better than your new Milwaukee drill. Guaranteed.

Want More Specs?
I don’t want to make this the shortest review we’ve ever published so consider the above our “executive summary”.

Here are some more considerations.
The Philips AirFryer’s technology is fairly simple: heat is circulated in the tray and you’ll find other brands going the same way. That means it’s a technology that works. The “healthy” aspect of using no oil is a bit overdone if the main product really isn’t but the alternative, the deep fryer, certainly isn’t the way to continue.
We tested all sort of fryable stuff in the AirFyer, including risotto balls (technically they are called arancini balls, I suppose) and they all come out perfect. Sometimes you need to add a bit more time or perhaps a touch of oil for some extra flavour or colour but getting it right is dead easy.

So is cleaning.
A quick wipe to clean the plastic exterior and the non-stick pan. The pan separator (for heating two different ingredients at the same time )and the stainless steel mesh basket is dishwasher safe.
The best recommendation for the Philips AirFryer comes from the rest of the family and guests. High praise all around.

Suggestion: there is a bigger model out in their Viva Collection which is the one to go for if your family has more than 4 people otherwise you have to cook in batches.

Last Thought
Yep, you can obtain roughly the same kind of results in a fan-forced electric oven and in greater quantities. But there’s the “handy” aspect of the AirFryer: it’s just a very convenient way to quickly make a batch of “fryable” food in less than 20 minutes. And maybe you need to use the oven for something else at the same time too.

One thing is guaranteed: with the Philips AirFryer you WILL eat more chips!
Now, if you are a chipaholic like us, that’s a good excuse – even if it isn’t – if you get my drift…

Did I mention it makes a good gift? Especially to a member of your own family! 
We can “heartily” recommend the AirFryer.