Choiix Wave Stand

Today we will be looking at the Choiix Wave stand.  It is pretty much a stand designed for any tablet device.  This product is actually made by Cooler Master, a well known brand in cooling products for the computer.  Choiix is actually the name of a series of products generally for portable or mobile devices.

Choiix Wave Stand

Made of aluminum and rubber
Dimensions: 148mm x 100mm x 32mm/5.8″ x 3.9″ x 1.3″
Weight 336g/11.6 oz
-foldable universal tablet stand
-compatible with the iPad, iPad2, Xoom, Flyer, and most other tablets
-made of premium aluminum
-slim size for convenience
-supports tablets in landscape and portrait orientations


The product came in a simple white box.  You can flip open the front cover to view the product easily to see what it looks like.  The back of the box demonstrates how the product is used.
Choiix Wave Stand Front BoxChoiix Wave Stand Box FrontChoiix Wave Stand Box BackThe Product

When holding the product in my hand, I had the sense that the product was of high quality. The product has a certain weight that makes the product feel substantial, therefore, I didn’t have any doubt about the quality or build of the product.
Choiix Wave Stand Opened

The product has a very simple curved design composed of three partitions.  I will discuss shortly how the product works.  On one side, the stand has a round edge which curls underneath to form a support for the base.  It also contains the hinge used in the stand.  The other side is comprised of rubber which serves as a grip when a tablet is placed on it.  The bottom of the stand follows the trend of the design, but has extra rubber grips at the bottom which will keep the stand in place on a table.
Choiix Wave Stand Bottom

As mentioned, the product is composed of 3 partitions.  The way the stand works is you simply lift up the middle portion which will serve as the back support for the tablet.  The outer sides of the stand form the base and also acts as the cradle of holding the tablet in place.  When lifting the middle portion, the hinge feels solid.  How well it holds up over time is yet to be seen, but I still predict that it will last.
Choiix Wave Stand Hinge Opened

I used my HP Touchpad to try out the stand.  With the Touchpad in the case, which weighs a little over 2 pounds, the stand was able to hold the Touchpad without any issues.  Even if you wanted the stand to hold your tablet beyond a 90 degree angle, this stand will still be able to hold it in place without dropping or falling down.
HP TouchPad on Choiix Wave Stand

This product will pretty much hold any tablet or flat device in general.  Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the product only working on an iPad or some specific device. It will also work with a smartphone, but due to the width of the product, it is not quite ideal.


I really couldn’t find any flaws with this product.  With the simple aluminum design, it is sturdy and will be able to resist bumps and falls.  We can only wait and see at the moment to find out how well the hinge lasts in the product.  Because of the universal design of the product, this product will be long lasting in the sense that you can use it with nearly any tablet or flat device.  This product currently sells for $39.99 at which is definitely reasonable given the design and materials used in this product.  If you are looking for a stand for your tablet, I’d highly recommend the Choiix Wave Stand.