NoahWe are in the middle of reviewing a series of books and audio CDs by Tom Horn. 

Last time we reviewed the Nephilim Stargates and recommended it highly, despite the fact that it is a challenging and provocative subject matter.  If this book doesn’t make you sit up and think — nothing else really will.  Perhaps not even the audio CDs that are part of this package even though hearing the spoken word is probably more penetrating than the pages of a book.  Some people are more visually oriented, others just would like to listen to something.
I am happy to do both: I’d love to curl up with a book on my sunny veranda and I also like to listen to MP3s on my phone — not so much to music but the spoken word.  Being a multitasker I’d love to do that while performing some mundane task, like making breakfast or walking the dog.


Days of Noah
The subject matter of the Days of Noah is the same as the Nephilim Stargates so please have a look at our review there.  It is a fascinating record of a radio show done by Tom Horn and Steve Quayle recently.  The subtitle is: The Return of the Nephilim.  Digging into easily overlooked passages in the Bible as well as apocryphal texts, Tom and Steve make the meaning of these passages come to life in the light of what is happening today with the genetic modification and advances in defence technology.  In these five hours of radio broadcast we learn about the alien agenda which includes the return of giants in the last days.
You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to appreciate what is being espoused here but it certainly helps to be familiar with the plan of God as mentioned in the Bible.  Only then can you see that Satan also has a plan, namely to thwart God’s purposes for mankind.  He’s done that from the very beginning and particularly in the days of Noah when the whole earth became corrupt.  When Christ describes the conditions at the time of his Second Coming he specifically mentions that these would be like "as in the days of Noah".  Hence the title of this particular audio series.
I may not concur with every conclusion that Tom Horn draws but there is enough provocative material in these segments that are based on observable happenings and these include UFO phenomena.  If you want to find out more about these perplexing things you can’t go past the expertise of Tom Horn and Steve Quayle who both have been studying this subject for many years.

The Days of Noah as a standalone package comes in a handsome five CD audio pack for $21.95.
It probably would be handy for most people if there was also a MP3 download facility.  Not only would the cost be significantly lower (no shipping cost!)  but it also saves time and handling.  The first thing I always do when I get new CDs it to rip them….

Very similar to this is the special edition of Conspiracy Theory by Tom Horn and Spencer Bennett.
This time it’s six hours of listening pleasure although I’m not sure again if I would use the word pleasure: some of this stuff is quite disturbing.

The Ahriman Gate

This is a work of fiction but this does not mean that we are talking about fictional stuff in this tome by Thomas and Nita Horn.
We had a bit of an introduction to this book in his previous nonfictional book, Nephilim StarGates, where actually quite a few pages of the Ahriman Gate were quoted verbatim, much to my chagrin.  The reason for that, as I stated, was that an occasional quote from fiction is fine but not dozens of pages in a non-fictional book.
This does not mean however that I did not like the book.  On the contrary.  The Ahriman Gate is a gripping novel that has all the elements in it to make you want to finish the book in as few sessions as possible.  It’s a classic ‘good conquers evil, maidens in distress, handsome hero, Indy Jones character, old man and his faithful mutt’ tale.  Yes, and it’s got a bit of romance thrown in as well.  These are the basic ingredients.  What makes it truly gripping is the setting and the spicier ingredients of extraterrestrial beings, crypto-archaeology, and some horrible genetic research.
You might consider this Christian fiction as it brings together all the elements in a believable end-time scenario, but one not without hope.
When I say: believable, this does not mean that you should swallow every bit of conspiracy possibilities that the book offers.  For instance, on page 137 the book is talking about a US — Soviet stealth expeditions to the planet Mars where excavations were supposedly under way of an ancient city, built by aliens.  That alone might be a far-fetched but I sincerely doubt whether these two space faring nations had that sort of capability in the time when one of them was still called the Soviet Union!
Unless you believe in what John Lear has to say on this subject…

A few pages earlier the book talks about the antediluvian shenanigans going on between the Annunaki and Israel’s enemies who were offered weapons technology in exchange for women.  As this is supposed to have happened before the Flood (which I don’t have a problem with) the only issue is that at that time there was no nation of Israel nor was the person alive after whom the nation was named.
It’s funny that, Joe, the hero in this tale, expresses amazement at the fact that a cell phone had encryption and GPS.  Of course, my mobile phone has the same and probably yours as well.  At the time this book came out, just a few years ago, it might well have been fairly futuristic and it shows you how quickly writings get dated.
Let this not detract you from reading the book because it is a very worthwhile, challenging and provocative book.  In part it is gruesome and graphic but at all times it is very well written.

If you like this genre, this is arguably one of the best.  It’s $14.99 from Musterion Press or you can order everything in this 60 bucks special of Supernatural: Ultimate Collection