Here’s one of these oxymorons: a solar powered torch – but thanks to a rechargeable battery it doesn’t only work during the day… !
Well, the idea is great, the execution less so.
Yes, it’s an environmentally friendly torch as the sun recharges the internal battery.
Trouble is there’s only 1 small battery in there even though there’s room for more.
So the output is not as bright as can be nor the endurance as long as some of the other torches we’ve reviewed.

Yet, as an emergency torch it’s handy to have around. I’ve put this one in the car (no, not in the glove box!) so it can charge up during the day and always be on standby.
The 7 LEDs provide enough light for some general fumbling around and to prevent you from stumbling around on dark paths…
It has a toggle button on the bottom for switching it ON and OFF
It should last about 8 hours after having been charged just 6 hours in the sun.
However, under the strong Australian sun for a couple of days it only managed a bit over 3 hours. Not good enough.

Still, it’s handy to have around and I’m looking forward to an improved model.

$17.00 for this one. It weighs only 130 g.

Size : 18 cm (H) / 3.5cm (Diameter) / 2.5 cm (Diameter)