EFO's Leather Folding Ipad Case Well if you’ve got an iPad, and you’ve been using the office applications you probably have found it’s not the fastest way of inputting data. EFO have a new product we’ve just reviewed that could significantly improve the speed at which you input data into your iPad whilst on the move.

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First Impressions:

On pulling this item out of it’s packaging, it initially felt a little flimsy, however once your iPad is inserted into the case that feeling goes away. When compared side-by-side with the Apple branded iPad Case, it is roughly double the thickness, it adds 700g overall which isn’t a huge amount considering, but it does make it slightly more bulky to hold.
Getting Started:
To connect it with your iPad it’s a simple case of switching the on/off switch on the right-hand side to ON, and then pushing the connect logo, From there you go into your iPad’s settings, and switch on Bluetooth, and it will detect the keyboard, once selected you need to simply enter the PIN provided on screen with the keyboard and then push the enter key.
Using The Keyboard:
Initially the keyboard is unlike a normal keyboard in the way it feels rather spongy to type on, it is also reasonably compact, so if you have larger hands you will find there is a slight learning-curve to be able to touch type successfully with this keyboard. After the first 10 minutes I found I was able to hit 90% of the correct keys, and at a reasonable speed touch type. It for me was much quicker than using the iPad’s onscreen keyboard, and that’s really what this item is all about, it’s giving you physical feedback that enables you to look at the screen and type, without having to look at each key to make sure you’ve hit it and it was indeed the key you meant to press.
Using The Case:
As you will see in the pictures that follow, there are a few ways in which you can fold the case to use either the keyboard, or prop up the screen for use watching a movie, or browsing the web.
Keyboard Mode
Movie Mode
Tablet ModeCase Build:
The case is made from PU Leather, ie. Plastic, however it feels nice to the touch, and looks the part, and considering the price you really couldn’t expect Italian leather. It’s put together reasonably well, using stitching in most places, and has hard card to keep its shape, as well as what appears to be a soft micro fibre style lining to keep from marking your iPad within. The keyboard is entirely silicone, so it’s got a very soft rubber like feel to it, and obviously will not do any
damage whilst folded up against the screen of your iPad.
The only thing i can fault on this item, is the way it folds up, when your iPad is in the correct orientation, ie. button & dock connector at the bottom, it actually opens like a book as if you were reading from back to front, I’m not sure why they chose that style, but to me it just feels a bit strange opening it like that. That aside, it’s a decent product overall, and for the asking price of $50.00 it’s definitely worth the money if you’re after a solution to make your typing more efficient while on the run.
Technical Specs:
Bluetooth 2.0 – Up-to 10m Working Distance
Standby Time – 100 Days
Continuous Operating Time – 90 Hours
Charge Time – 4.5 Hours
Battery Capacity – 430mAh
What’s in the box?
1x Leather Folding iPad Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard
1x Mini-USB to USB Charging Cable
1x Paper Instruction Guide
Where do I get one of these?
You can purchase this directly from EFO by visiting the following website: Click Here
Interesting Side Note:
During testing, I successfully managed to pair this keyboard with my Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Mobile Phone, and it worked perfectly, so if you’ve got an Android phone, or for that matter Tablet, this will also allow you to use it with that as well. 
Fully Opened
Special thanks go to EFO Gadget Shop for sending out the review unit.