K6 - 450 T400 Ready for actionThe name “KArcher” has always been synonymous with high pressure cleaning, but boy, they have really come up trumps this time. Never have we reviewed a product of this type where the constructors must have designed the product by customer demand.

We have just received the best of the Premium Class, high pressure water cleaners – the KArcher K6 – 450 T400. It simply has everything. Made in Germany, it reeks of quality and engineering innovation. With the T400 you get everything you need for specialised jobs such as; Variable high pressure available in each of these applications, general cleaning, patio cleaning, gutter cleaning, vertical high situation cleaning. And all of these cleaning functions can also be assisted by use of a special purpose chemical injection.

Read on and we will tell you about a high pressure cleaning machine where we really struggled to find any issue that could be improved upon.

What you getI’m not new to KArcher pressure cleaners, having had a base electric Model 310 for over ten years and it is still working well and  even though you can still buy parts I have never needed any. So to me, that’s an excellent track record of KArcher’s quality and ability to last. I have also had other prominent brands Industrial/Commercial 3500 PSI –  4500 PSI high pressure cleaners, so I’m not naive as to what the average user requires in such a machine.

But I digress – let’s get back to the best of the line full package KArcher K6 450 T400.

K6 450 T400 All togetherASSEMBLY
Well, it sure looks like you will need good instructions, but in fact it is very simple. I did follow the pictures and had it all assembled in approximately 20 minutes. This unit has only 4 screws and two plastic lock type rods to put the whole machine together. Credit must go to the designers as this whole machine is exceptionally well engineered and fits together by merely sliding in parts until it “clicks”. If you were inclined, my thoughts are that you could probably disassemble and reassemble in 5 minutes each way once you know what fits where, in order to transport in a small car. We did initially think that a little elbow at the bottom should be fitted to wind on the power cord but after some use the kinks came out of the power cord, so we decided just looping it on the top retainer was good enough for neat storage.

Technical Data
Pressure (PSI/MPa)                 max 2175
Water flow rate (l/min/l/h)            8.2
Max. water feed temperature (°C)        60
Single phase, connected load         2.2
Weight without accessories (kg)        19.83
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)        407x447x972
Three piston pump (axial) – Matured pump technology, optimum efficiency, maintenance-free
Bi-Component Pump (outside Aluminum, inside poly-fibre) – High life expectancy and good resistance against corrosion
Safety valve – Protects the unit from pressure exceeding set limits
Motor-Stop – Machine stops, when gun is closed
Large on/off-switch – Easy to operate
Ergonomic gun design
Mobil function – Easy transportation and maximum mobility
Integrated high-pressure 9 mtr hose reel – Comfortable storage and operation
Plug ‘n’ Clean System – for a quick and comfortable change between different detergents within a few seconds; always in combination with a detergent regulation for an individual mixture of detergent and water
Accessory storage – Storage of accessories at the unit
Can draw water from a bucket or tank

Washing brush
Integrated fine mesh water filter
Adapter garden hose A3/4″
Integral high-pressure hose reel
Trigger gun with 9m high-pressure hose
Dirtblaster (50% increase in pressure)
Vario Spray Lance
Plug ‘n’ Clean detergent system
Hose Reel
T400 High Speed Deck & Patio Cleaner
Can draw water from a bucket or tank

Note – That 55 additional accessories are available and can be viewed at: www.karcher.com.au or your local state distributor.

Before using patio cleanerAfter using patio cleanerPATIO CLEANER T400 – TEST


 Vario lance in path clean



Power Dirt Lance Vario Lance Roof Clean

CAR CLEANING with Accessory Car Cleaner

T400 High Pressure CleanerBrush rotates slowly and works reasonably well, but it would not be worth buying this machine for cleaning a car with brush ONLY, but use of the Vario Lance for dirty 4×4’s or dirty cars and then using the whole package is excellent.

Gutter cleanGUTTER CLEAN TEST with Accessory Angle Lance
Did exceptionally well in this test and we advocate getting the Angle Lance as a MUST for this purpose as it makes a horrible job of gutter cleaning mess free and very easy with more than adequate height and pressure to do an excellent job without getting showered in dirt and water.


  •   T400 does work as designed with absolute minimum spray up, yet cleans fast and efficiently.
  •     T400 has concise and easily activated pressure controls.
  •     9 metre high pressure hose is light and unrolls simply by pulling lightly and whilst cleaning it is a barely noticeable drag.
  •     Hand piece controllable pressure from zero to 2175 psi
  •     Easy dial able addition of chemicals
  •     Quick connection and disconnection all accessories such as extensions, rotary brushes, including the T400.
  •     The varied job specific lances make cleaning more efficient and expedient. (For example there is a specific high pressure lance that provides approximately 50% more cleaning power).
  •     The whole unit is compact and very easily wheeled into and stored in a small area.
  •     We liked the simple storage and the ease of use of the chemical bottle additive.
  •     Innovative handle lock to stop pressure hose unwinding.
  •     Placement and ease of use of all controls and stored items such as the holster for the lance currently attached and pending imminent use.
  •     Easy to use mess free gutter cleaning
  •     Gentle car cleaning with brush (even good enough for Ferrari)


  •     Trigger will lock off but not on (Occupational Health and Safety design requirement)
  •     Not really useful as a brush car cleaner on fairly clean cars as you may as just use tap pressure, but good for 4×4 or dirty car cleaning.

The pressure of this machine will do ALL that is required of it and it is capable of the same finished result of Commercial/Industrial machines albeit slower to do the same sized area.

The variable lance allows easy left hand twist to reduce pressure to wash away dirt etc that has blown up walls etc.

We did not further test the Dirt Blaster lance as we simply did not require the 50% additional cleaning power of the dirt blaster. As a trial we found it to be so powerful that it removed purpose specific, extremely well etched paint from our driveway, so we thought we would try something more resilient, but nothing came to mind.

The use of the reel’s supple 9 metre hose and all aboard lances etc on a cart with 9.5“ or 245mm wheels makes for easy wandering around whilst working over uneven surfaces.

The compact storage and ease of use of the accessories – is truly worth a commendation to the designers and product engineers who must have taken onboard numerous consumers’ complaints and frustrations about other high pressure cleaner units and then designed this unit based what people want.

We simply loved the fact that the already quietly run motor was also flow activated and it consequently stopped whenever you ceased working, making the whole cleaning process a rather relaxing exercise.

At a unit price or about $895 Aud and available at most local hardware outlets, we have seldom seen a better buy.

We give it the double thumbs up, well done KArcher!