Aviator V2In a break from the technology side of gadgets, DigitalReviews takes a look at the Led Lenser Aviator V2 Torch.  It is advertised to be used by pilots and professionals the world over, "the Aviator torch from Led Lenser is one gadget you shouldn’t be without!"



First Impressions
The Aviator is made from lightweight aircraft grade aluminium casing featuring a cloverleaf 6-reflector system.  There are three high intensity white light chips, and one each of red, blue and green for night operations and signalling.  Four separate switches control each colour separately allowing the LEDs to be on in any desired combination.

In Use
Whilst my days of working on the flight line of an airport are long behind me, I had in mind a very different purpose for the Aviator V2.  As an avid amateur photographer my night time photography work means I needed a small lightweight torch with a red filter so that I can set up my tripod and check on the leveller without destroying my night vision.

Coming in at just 98 grams the Aviator V2 was perfect for the job.  The included lanyard allowed me to keep it attached to my tripod and the hard nylon pouch keeps it protected.

By having dedicated coloured LEDs, using the Aviator V2 means there is no fumbling with coloured filters.  In fact I found the torch to be perfect for some creative photography.  With the small size, four colours and combinations, it is possible to project colour cast on a subject or to create an interesting back light.

Thoughts for Improvements
The nylon travel pouch is great to store the torch in, but I found that it was too easy to turn the torch on when I insert or extract the torch from it.  A little "hold" switch would be nice to prevent that from happening.

Secondly all the buttons on the switch control are colour coded only.  Working with it in the dark means I sometimes have to trial and error to get the colour I want.  A nice little Braille marker would go a long way in helping to identify the colour, especially under the cover of darkness.

Weight: 98 grams
Power source: 3 x AAA alkaline batteries (included)
Burn time: Up to 50 hours

Awesome little toy with some minor inconveniences.  The Aviator V2 is just the tool I was looking for to help my little photography habit.

The Aviator V2 is available from Soundstuff for about USDD$58 (AUD$60).